Jamie Blanks On for 3D Flies

Is it true that not only has a 3D film never come out of Australia, but that there’s never been a nature-run-amok movie about flies? I can’t come up with one of either off the top of my head, though I’m sure The Foywonder will chime in if the latter isn’t accurate.

Inside Film spoke to veteran producer David Hannay, who told them that Flies will be the first 3D production for the land down under, and has attached Storm Warning director Jamie Blanks as director. The script, written by Anthony Egan, tells of some genetically altered flies who escape from a lab and attack a nearby town that has just opened a tourist attraction shaped like a giant blowfly.

So why 3D? Australia is ready to move into the future just like every other film market; ”We have to embrace new technologies, because the audience expects it. But there’s no point in just showing technology.” Hannay said, ”We have to find things that excite and move them into a future space. Otherwise, we’ll have no audience.”

We’ll bring you more on Flies as it comes down the pipeline!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane