Frozen Nazi Zombies Rise in New Dead Snow Trailer!

If you read our previous articles on “>Dead Snow, you’re aware that the film is playing Sundance and looks pretty badss. Dead Snow is the story of some kids who go skiing at a cabin in the mountains. Sounds pretty standard slasher right? Well things go badly when Nazi Zombies rise out of the snow and cause all kinds of mayhem.
I rarely get this psyched for a movie trailer anymore, but holy shit. This movie looks awesome! Check out the trailer below and keep it here for more on Dead Snow very soon!

Buz “Danger” Wallick

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Buz Wallick


  1. There was a movie sorta like this in 1966 where a scientist keeps heads of Nazi criminals alive, lol i havent seen it prob for 25 years! called
    The Frozen Dead! but this doesnt look bad! lol

  2. The movie then moves to seven medical students on Easter vacation. They arrive at a small cabin near Øksfjord, about a 45-minute walk from the road where they have left their cars.marirea sanilor

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