Dead Noon & Are You Scared 2 in February

Dead Noon on DVDYou can always depend on Lionsgate to roll out some low budget horror movies to DVD, and this coming February won’t be any different. Already announced for the shortest month of the year are a supernatural Western shooting for a Grindhouse feel and a direct-to-DVD sequel nobody except for the management at Lionsgate asked for: Dead Noon and Are You Scared 2.

It’ll be Dead Noon on DVD February 3rd when Lionsgate releases the action-packed horror Western that bills itself as “Sam Raimi meets Sam Peckinpah”.

In this shoot ’em up western horror tale, ancient demons, walking skeletons and cowboy zombies join forces to take the law down in a blaze of hellfire and brimstone. With the powers of hell at his disposal, Frank, a blood-thirsty outlaw from the old west, is resurrected to seek his revenge on the present day town of Weston. As the past collides with the present, Sheriff Logan Kane, his incompetent younger brother, Stuart, and sexy gun shop owner Grace will have to fight a posse of the undead to save the town and rescue Logan’s new bride from a fate worse than death.

Watching trailer #2 over at Dead Noon’s official website filled me with joy. Andrew Wiest’s gunslinging fright flick starring Kane Hodder and horror vixen Lilith Fields looks like it has its heart in the right place and will hopefully live up to the enthusiasm displayed in that trailer.

Are You Scared 2 on DVDTwo years ago I reviewed “>Are You Scared?, a Lionsgate DVD release I surmised as “Saw for Dummies”. The film was such a blatant Saw copycat that looking back it’s hard to believe The Asylum didn’t produce it. My answer to that film’s title: No, I was not scared. Now Lionsgate has a new question for us: Are you anticipating a sequel? I’m guessing “no” is still the answer.

Regardless of what I think, February 10th will bring us Are You Scared 2. They didn’t actually produce a direct sequel. Lionsgate merely retitled another horror film they had the rights to with a reality TV theme and decided to damn that film by rebranding it as the sequel to a DTV horror movie nobody really gave a crap about in the first place.

Originally titled Geohunt, I can understand the title change to some extent since Geohunt sounds more like the name of a reality game show that would air on the Discovery Channel. A synopsis on the film’s MySpace page explains the title and premise behind the movie formerly known as Geohunt:

GeoHunt is set in the world of Geocaching (www.geocaching.com), a fast-growing community of adventure-seekers who play hide-and-seek around the globe using GPS devices and clues and coordinates posted on the website. In 2000, with advances in GPS technology, Geocaching began with a simple idea: hide a container out in the woods and note the coordinates with a GPS unit. Anyone can join in the game and search for caches in their area or in a far-flung corner of the world. In the movie, four twenty-somethings, who are in a game of Geocaching, fall for a trap set by a killer who chooses them for their notoriety on websites such as YouTube. The treasure-hunters become the hunted, and thrill-seeking turns to survival as their adventure is broadcast on the web by the killer in a twisted reality show.

The film now known as Are You Scared 2 stars Adam Busch (the evil Warren from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), Kathy Gardiner (winner of Maxim’s Hometown Hotties contest), Andrea Monier (of the 2006 Lingerie Bowl), and a man who needs no introduction, Tony Todd, as a character known as “The Operator”, which I’m assuming is a minor role given he’s nowhere to be seen in the trailer, which you can see below…


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