Finally! Howard the Duck Comes to DVD!

Howard the Duck comes to DVDOn the one hand, Howard the Duck is not really horror related. On the other hand, the movie does have the cigar-chomping duck man waging war with a body-snatching alien called the Dark Overlord that eventually manifests itself in the form of a humongous insectoid bent on world domination. Ah, who cares one way or another? Howard the Duck is finally coming to DVD.

Universal has confirmed a special edition DVD release of the notorious yet strangely beloved, George Lucas produced, 1986 box office bomb Howard the Duck for March 10, 2009. Digitally remastered and featuring new 5.1 surround sound, no DVD artwork just yet but the extras have been confirmed. This disc is going to be fairly loaded for a DVD retailed for around $14.99.

  • “A Look Back at Howard the Duck
  • “Releasing the Duck”
  • News Featurette
  • “The Stunts of Howard the Duck
  • “The Special Effects of Howard the Duck
  • “The Music of Howard the Duck
  • Teaser Trailers
  • Winner of multiple Razzie Awards, hailed as one of the worst films of 1986 by Siskel & Ebert, and a rather costly financial catastrophe at the box office, Howard the Duck has garnered a cult following. Maybe it’s the absurdity of the very premise. Maybe it’s the hot duck-on-Lea Thompson action. Maybe it’s Tim Robbins overacting to the hilt. Whatever the reason be, a DVD release has been greatly anticipated by many for years now. The wait is finally over.

    Loved the movie as a little kid. Haven’t seen it again in nearly 20 years. Be curious to see it again through the scrutiny of adult eyes.

    Mark your calendars, folks. Howard the Duck on DVD: 3/10/2009.

    The Foywonder

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    • turnpiketramp

      God Bless America.

    • DavidFullam

      George Lucas will allow this to hit DVD, but Micheal Mann still insists on stopping The Keep from ever coming out?

      I will be interested in seeing if the special features comment on how huge a disaster this film was.

    • FilmCritic3000

      Wow, “Chinese Democracy” gets released, now this. What’s next? Either “The Star Wars Holiday Special” on DVD or we all learn what happened to Jimmy Hoffa. Personally, I’d bet on someone divulging what happened to Hoffa before that Star Wars special ever hits DVD.

    • frank_dracman

      Ah, we finally get to see the duck tits in all their digital glory.
      I saw this again around ten years ago (VHS), and I can tell you this with all certainty: It’s good for a laugh, but no adult with an even moderately stable mind would think it’s a good film.

      …I’ll probably buy it.