Coffin Loads of DVDs in ’07

Perhaps like many of us, you will be receiving gift certificates for this holiday season. They take the sting out of getting someone the wrong gift and you, the receiver, can finally get what you actually want. Well, make sure you tuck those little plastic cards away because the first quarter of 2007 is going to see a lot of interesting DVD releases.

Over at Fangoria lots of DVD releases have been revealed. The most appealing of these is the long awaited Hellboy: Sword of Storms which is not sparing expenses when it comes to extras. Check out Butane’s review and pick up the movie on February 6th. How could you pass up this long list of features:

– Audio commentary by Mignola, supervising producer/director Tad Stones and director Phil Weinstein
A New Breed: Creating the New Hellboy featurette
– A View from the Top: The “Heads” Sequence featurette
Conquering Hellboy: The Actor’s Role featurette
To Hell and Back: How Mike Mignola Created Hellboy (Part I) featurette
Hellboy Goes East, a look at the inspirations, backstories and secrets of Swords of Storms, including Tale Spin, a deconstruction of the “Spider Lady” sequence; Prop Perfecture, a look at how ordinary objects animate to life; Origins, examining how the filmmakers were inspired by Japanese mythology; and Samurai Songs, about Hellboy’s music to live and fight by
Keepers of Hellboy: A 2006 Comic-Con panel discussion
– Still galleries
– Original production art
– Teaser trailer
– DVD-ROM extras: Live Transcript; Live Transcript Search; Synced Storyboards; Enhanced Script to Screen; Documentary Sync; Kill Count—keeping track of each major character’s kills; Character sync; Key Moments list; Weblinks

Not bad, eh? That’s not all to look forward to next year. Want to see Ken Foree battle female stripper ghouls with Kelly Hu? Yes … pole dancing flesh eaters against Dawn of the Dead’s #1 bad ass! I would suggest getting Jeff Burr’s Devil’s Den to fulfill that need on the 13th of February.

A release date has also been set by Anchor Bay for the film The Manitou according to Fangoria. We can all witness the rebirth of evil on March 6th! Save us, Tony Curtis!!!

Snoop Dogg was able to stay out of jail long enough to present his Hood of Horror at the After Dark Horrorfest. If you missed your chance to see it in theatres, then you only have to wait another three months for its March 6th release date. Bit of a toss up, right? The Manitou or Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror … Tony Curtis or Danny Trejo?

Last up are a couple of collections from Pendulum Pictures. Just one week after New Year’s three different sets (Beastly Butchers, Sinister Souls, and Vicious Vixens) will be released, each carrying 6 movies. Though it’s easy to expect little when you get 6 films for under $10, they still may be worth checking out … especially the Vicious Vixens set.

New DVDs in 2007 (Click for larger image) New DVDs in 2007 (Click for larger image) New DVDs in 2007 (Click for larger image)

New DVDs in 2007 (Click for larger image) New DVDs in 2007 (Click for larger image) New DVDs in 2007 (Click for larger image)

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