Blitzkrieg for Christmas

Blitzkrieg: Escape From Stalag 69!I know the simple act of waiting for the new Nazisploitation movie Blitzkrieg: Escape From Stalag 69 has been hard on a lot of you (I get very emotional e-mails on an almost daily basis exemplifying just how hard) so I’m glad we can finally offer you some relief.

On your right is the cover art for Wild Eye’s December 15th release of the Special SS Edition of Keith Crocker’s incredibly out-there homage to some of the most bizarre movies ever made. The DVD will come with a slew of features including:

  • Commentary by Crocker along with assistant director Keith Maturro and lead actress Tatyana Kot
  • “Nazis Over Nassau” behind-the-scenes doc
  • Cast & crew Q&A from the film’s NYC run
  • Test footage
  • Schindler’s Lust trailer
  • Deleted scenes
  • Crocker’s early short “DeSade ‘88”
  • So was the wait worth all the pain you’ve suffered? I certainly hope so. Just remember to be good for the next few weeks and maybe Santa will put Blitzkrieg: Escape From Stalag 69 in your stocking!

    Johnny Butane

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    Johnny Butane