Eastwood to Enter the Hereafter?

Eastwood to Enter the HereafterVariety reports tonight that the legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood is in talks with Dreamworks to take on the job of directing a supernatural thriller ominously dubbed Hereafter.

Little is known about the film, besides the offhand comment that it is in the same vein as The Sixth Sense, a fact both intriguing and mildly worrisome. What is obvious is Dreamworks’ soaring confidence in the project; earlier in the year it was revealed that the Hereafter script was optioned for a seven-figure dollar amount. Couple that high price optioning along with their courting of such an accomplished (and expensive) figure as Eastwood, and you obviously have a company that feels they have a hot and scary item on their hands.

Going by Eastwood’s earlier films, the project is likely to be restrained, moody, and atmospheric. Perhaps the time is right for an effective and creepy ghost story. Audiences have to be getting over their Saw-esque gore fascination (we certainly are), and it feels like time to start getting scared again instead of just being grossed out. Hit the lights; I’m ready to watch.

Tristan Sinns

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Tristan Sinns

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