Yuzna to Produce Trio of 3D Horrors

Brian Yuzna to produce trio of 3-D horrorsOf all the strange things Brian Yuzna’s name has been attached to over the years, an Indonesian trio of 3D films is probably the strangest yet. Yet, Variety is reporting that the Re-Animator producer is working through Komodo Film, another foreign company Yuzna owns, to develop all three.

First up is Amphibious, about a giant sea scorpion, which Yuzna will direct from a script he wrote with John Penney. Shooting on that begins in March, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about it soon.

Next will be Necronauts, which Yuzna will only serve production duties on, handing the directorial reigns over to Brett Leonard. That one is about a “journey into the realm of death” that was penned by novelist Terry Bisson.

But here’s where it gets really cool; Richard Stanley (Dust Devil, Hardware) will direct the third film, Cold Blooded, about a vacationing man stranded on a desert island who has to deal with isolation and the constant threat of man-eating Komodo dragons!

As with all things Yuzna gets involved in, I’ll wait to see something made before I really believe it’ll happen, but it does sound pretty cool. And if it gets Stanley back behind the camera again, I’m all for it.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • bludgeoner

    That’s awesome – Yuzna is flexing that sleaze moustache!

  • Caterpillar

    The only one of the three that sounds remotely interesting is NECRONAUTS, which I have to say is also one hell of a cool title so I’m expecting them to change that before release. Brett Leonard isn’t a terrible director so maybe this will be a fun B or C movie. The other three sound like bottom of the barrel Sci-Fi Channel trash and one has to wonder what the hell Richard friggin’ Stanley is doing directing a movie about a shitty CGI komodo dragon eating people in 3D. He must be starving after all those years of not getting one of his interesting projects made. Truly sad.