Tyler Hoechlin Departing Teen Wolf as a Regular; More Info on Season 5 & Full PaleyFest Panel

Some sad news has hit the Net with regard to MTV’s “Teen Wolf,” which returns in June for its two-part, 20-episode fifth season: Tyler Hoechlin, who portrays Derek Hale, won’t be back as a series regular.

Exec producer Jeff Davis told Buzzfeed: “[He] decided he wanted more time to pursue movies. We talked and creatively agreed that maybe this was a good season to refocus on the teens of ‘Teen Wolf,’ and while he won’t be a series regular anymore, I can say that you probably won’t have seen the last of Derek Hale. We love him and miss him.”


Davis also revealed a few tidbits about most of the remaining characters, and we have the highlights below.  For the full details, be sure to hit the above link.

What is Season 5’s theme? “The tagline of this season that we use in the writers room is: ‘The rules have changed.’ The 20-episode season will be very much the world of the supernatural being turned upside down. The big fear of Season 5 [is]: Who’s going to go away? Much of the previous seasons were about Scott finding and building a pack; this is going to see him possibly losing it — possibly ending up on his own without his friends by his side, wondering how he’s going to face life without them.

Regarding Scott (Tyler Posey): “What happens when everyone’s faith in him is tested? He’s going to go through a lot of difficulty this season.

Regarding Stiles (Dylan O’Brien): “This is very much a season of secrets and how secrets can break a group of friends apart and how people can lose faith in each other. It’ll be interesting to see when Stiles loses faith in Scott, where his relationship with Malia is tested and broken. We’re going to have a lot of character drama and conflict with that.

Regarding Lydia (Holland Roden): “She’s going to have a lot to do this season, but it’s very much secret. All I can say is that the cold open of the season premiere is all about Lydia.

Regarding Kira (Arden Cho): “We really dive into the myth behind the kitsune – how it affects her life and how it affects her relationship with Scott.

Regarding Liam (Dylan Sprayberry): “How much can he keep his secret identity a secret? His best friend, Mason, is going to need to know at some point.

Regarding Mason (Khylin Rhambo): “We get to know him a lot better, and one of the things we find out about his background is that he is the unexpected child in a family of adult siblings… he needs a pack of his own.

Regarding Malia Tate (Shelley Hennig): “The Desert Wolf [her mother] is huge for Malia. It’s going to affect her deeply and make her question the kind of person she is. It could even affect her relationship with Stiles and tear them apart.

Regarding Argent (J. R. Bourne) and Peter (Ian Bohen): “[With the refocus on the kids], you may not see Argent or Peter Hale in the first few episodes, but do not count them out.

Regarding Deputy Parrish (Ryan Kelley): “He is a big deal [in S5]. You may not find out what he is in [the first half], but within the 20 episodes you will definitely know.

Lastly, regarding Theo (Cody Christian): “He’s a lone wolf desperately in need of a pack… Theo is someone who has been in Beacon Hills before. This is kind of a return.

Not enough for you? Then check out the show’s recent PaleyFest panel in its entirety below. For more info visit the official “Teen Wolf” website, “like” “Teen Wolf” on Facebook, and follow “Teen Wolf” on Twitter.


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