The Weekly Wrap-Up: October 25-31, 2008

The Weekly Wrap-Up: October 25-31, 2008

Any week that ends with Halloween is a good week, and October 25-31, 2008, definitely lived up to its potential. But right now It’s hard to keep my mind off the leftover candy in the pantry and on the latest news stories, so without further ado, let’s hit the highlights:

  • Speculation’s always fun, and the prospect of Ridley Scott directing a film about werewolves is just too cool to ignore.

  • As is the opportunity to see Timecrimes (review) at the local multiplex sometime in November. No word on exactly when and where yet, but while we wait on the details, check out Timecrimes‘ very compelling trailer. If you’re even half the time travel aficionado I am, you’ll be anxious to see more.

  • Another project that has horror fans clamoring for all the info we can get is Sam Raimi’s latest. Thanks to MTV we got our first look at some stills from Drag Me to Hell.

  • Dread Central’s Paranormal Studies Editor, Scott Johnson, tells of his investigation into tales of supernatural occurrences at Buddy’s Bar in Buckton, Pennsylvania. Some strange events definitely transpired; if you missed the story earlier this week, hit that link now, and get ready for the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up!

  • I tried but wasn’t able to stick with the Preacher graphic novel series beyond the first few issues, although I do know several people who are huge fans. Even so, I’m just as stoked as they are to hear that Sam Mendes and Columbia Pictures are moving forward with an adaptation. No specifics have come down with regard to format or time frame, but if they can get the casting right and stick close to the original narrative, this one has some real possibilities.

  • One franchise that I’ve always felt met its end before its time is the Chronicles of Riddick. If ever someone was born to play a role, it’s Diesel as the quintessential anti-hero Riddick. So I was glad to see that Atari is working on another installment in the video game series: Assault on Dark Athena. If I can’t see Vin on the big screen, I’ll certainly settle for his virtual self on the 360, especially if the quality of the game is anywhere close to the stellar Escape From Butcher Bay.

  • Speaking of living up to your predecessors, the trailers for two movies about two very fucked up sounding women hit the Net recently. First is Lady Blood, which has to be pretty weird to outdo the film it’s a sequel of, Baby Blood, but I have to say that from the looks of this preview, it has a damn good chance of doing so! Next is Grace, the feature-length version of a very disturbing short film. This dark tale stars Jordan Ladd as a woman who insists on carrying her dead baby to term … with disastrous results.

  • Disaster has been threatening the production of Bubba Nosferatu practically since we first heard about it, but learning that Paul Giamatti is uber-enthusiastic about it and receiving confirmation that Ron Perlman will be taking over for Bruce Campbell has gone a long way toward alleviating doubts about how it’s liable to turn out.

  • We’re a little over 90 days out from the premiere of the Friday the 13th reboot, and the marketing machine is getting under way. Along with Butane’s set visit, the folks at MTV (them again?!) put together a video report from the set. I still think it has a chance to be a decent entry in the series — I mean, really, let’s be honest … could it possibly be any worse than at least half of the others?

  • While we’re on the subject of crappy movies, make sure you tune in to the newest Dinner for Fiends. It starts with a dissection of (and new theme song for) the abysmal Saw V and soon veers off into the maniacal mayhem you’ve come to expect from usual suspects Creepy, Foy, Andrew, and Buz. Join the festivities and help us come up with a title for our “senior slasher”! Hey, at least it’s not another remake or sequel in the form of a prequel.
  • Which brings us to the Woman’s Story of the Week: “Dead Set” Cast & Crew Interview. Our lucky brethren in Great Britain have already watched this five-part Zombies Meet “Big Brother” TV show that was broadcast on E4 over the past week, and early reviews have been extremely positive. If you have a region free player, you can get the DVD now from Amazon UK; the rest of us will wait anxiously for a US release. I have to say — Between “Dead Set” and “Ghostwatch”, it’s obvious the Brits have it all over us when it comes to Halloween programming. Which reminds me … I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with the Great Pumpkin bringing you everything your black little hearts desired!

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