Policeman Exorcises Perp Before Arrest… On Video in The Gasp Menagerie

This is a wild one. Brazil is known, unfortunately, for some bad cops. Death squads killing homeless teens to clear the streets, that kind of thing. In this case, however, one cop seems to have gone well beyond the line of duty.

A young man in Goianira was abusing people on the street and acting strangely, apparently drunk, so police were called in. Lieutenant Ricardo Mendes arrived on the scene with backup, only to find a man clearly out of control.

As Mendes and his fellow officers grappled with the man, Mendes clearly came to believe this was no ordinary drunk and disorderly call.

Exorcist Cop

Mendes grasped the man by the head and began chanting in Latin. That’s right… in the middle of the arrest, he performed a full-blown exorcism. Before long he was shouting, “Unleash this man, Jesus!”

The perp began speaking in a growling voice and writhing on the ground. Onlookers, at this point scared out of their wits, ran to summon a priest. According to the original story on the Daily Mirror, by the time the priest arrived, the exorcism was complete and the man was subdued.

The next day the man thanked Mendes and confirmed he had no memory and believes he was possessed the night before.

All of this was caught on video so check it out below. Was this just a guy who really couldn’t hold his liquor or a South American version of Deliver Us from Evil? I’d love for Ralph Sarchie to see this.

The Gasp Menagerie

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