Exclusive: Game Producer David S. Cohen Talks Saw Video Game

Saw The Video GameWith the release of “>Saw V upon us, we had a chance to get a few questions in to video game producer David S. Cohen about what kind of bloody twists and turns we can expect when the popular horror franchise hits consoles next year!

“I definitely think that the Saw films are ripe for being translated into a video game especially because survival horror games always feature a lot of puzzles in them.” Cohen told Uncle Creepy in a recent interview, “In my opinion the best horror games are those that combine action, puzzles, mystery, and terror – which is what we (myself and our developer Zombie) are aiming to do with the Saw video game. One of the really unique things about the Saw universe is the psychological aspects specifically within the storyline, the Saw video game will present a whole new way to experience that universe for fans of the films and gamers new to the franchise.

Being a huge horror and Saw fan myself, it’s also been great to work with Lionsgate and the Saw creatives, Leigh Whannell and James Wan, to develop entirely new traps and storyline for the videogame specifically. The puzzles and traps from the films really work for a video game as well. Instead of just watching, now the player will be able to actually experience them in a whole new way.

Of course one question we all want answers to is when in the Saw timeline the game will take place, “The Saw video game takes place between Saw I and Saw II, before the death of Jigsaw, and will focus on questions left unanswered within the first film, while bridging the gap between the first and second films.

“Because this game is based off of the Saw film franchise, it has always been a priority to make sure the Saw video game feels like it is as important part of the puzzle as each film is.” Cohen continued, “Lionsgate and Twisted pictures have been very supportive and open to partnering with us on our vision and unique storyline as long as it fits within the logic of the Saw universe, which to date has not been a problem. Specifically it has to be raw, edgy and it has to be terrifying.

But will Tobin Bell be making his voice heard in the game? Could it really be a Saw came without him? “We are taking steps to ensure that the Saw video game is as true to the films as possible – and although I can’t go into specific detail at this time … there will be relevant cast involvement.

Multiplayer is a big thing for gamers these days, but could it really working in a Saw game? “The Saw films have definitely established that working together will help you survive the “game”, and this will be true in the video game as well. There will be online multiplayer components in the game.

Color me interested! In an effort to stay true to the Saw universe, Brash is working closely with Saw creators Leigh Whannell and James Wan, ensuring the game pulls no punches and delivers the horrifying suspense and disbelief that has floored fans worldwide. The Saw video game is currently in development for next-gen platforms PS3 and Xbox 360 and will be built using the Unreal 3 game engine.

The Saw video game is set for release in October 2009. Stay tuned for more as we get it!

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