Worst Date Movie Ever

This one's got Teeth!It really doesn’t matter how the final film actually plays out on screen; already the indie film Teeth from Mitchell Lichtenstein is the most terrifying film I’ve ever heard of.

Set to make its world premiere at this year’s Sundance Festival, Teeth is the story of a young girl who’s trying very hard to suppress her budding sexuality despite the provocative behavior of all those around her, including her stepbrother. She’s not familiar with her body at all, devoted as she is to remaining a virgin until marriage, so imagine her surprise when she’s sexually assaulted and learns that her vagina has teeth.

I’ll let that sink in for all the boys out there…

Oh, dear God, what else do you need to know to agree with me? Can you imagine? You’re getting intimate with your best girl … she’s not happy with how things are going so she … takes a bite out of you in the most sensitive of places? Like I said: most terrifying film ever.

Check out the official site for Teeth to learn more and be happy that someone other than Troma got their hands on this one!

Johnny Butane

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