It Burns! Paul W.S. Anderson to Pen 4th Resident Evil Flick!

Paul WS Anderson talking about RE4Love using that picture. Anyway, Paul W.S. Anderson, the man who loves putting his own fan fiction spin on many loved movies, comics and video game titles may once again grace us all with his version of Resident Evil.

While droning on about his fantastical marriage to Milla Jovovich in an interview with the UK’s Sunday Sun, Anderson made mention of his involvement in the next Resident Evil feature, “I’m writing an adaptation of the Long Good Friday right now, set in present-day Miami. Then I will probably write Resident Evil 4.

Why? While the possibility of an army of Millas is attractive, his track record with the past films in the series haven’t left some of us horror fans with much confidence that he is able to deliver a solid script. Sigh…


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Mike Phalin

Mike Phalin is a contributing writer, reality television star and engineer.

  • Tsotha-lanti

    I don’t mind him putting a fan fiction spin on it, it’s just that he’s not good at it. I mean, look at “Hannibal”. It plays more like a demented “Silence of the Lambs” fanfic than an actual sequel, but at least it’s made by people who have an idea what makes good horror work. The first “Resident Evil” movie works as neither horror nor action. The third one, though, I actually enjoyed because it delivered on the splatter and the action but I still won’t call it a good movie. However, it certainly helped to have the guy who made “Highlander” at the helm.

  • Chainsaw

    If there was ever someone who needs a punch in the dick in Hollywood, it’s Paul WS Anderson.

  • Rottenjesus

    “It’s just me, this half-empty bottle of Viagra and an army of seriously horny Millas. They’ll be screaming my name in Belarus before this pussy party is done.”

    • PelusaMG

      I think Milla gave him that shirt… with an emphasis on ‘harder’!

      • Rottenjesus

        I want to say *rimshot* but that might be misconstrued a tad. 😉

      • Tsotha-lanti

        Heh. That T-shirt became a running joke in high school between me and a friend who was a huge fan of the RE games and found the movies a total insult to everything he hold dear, to the point that he at times denied their existence. (not joking)

  • Kyle Reese

    Agreed. That, and Johnny’s concern for Harvey Weinstein’s well being over “The Road” gave me 2 great laughs in an otherwise shit-fuck day.

  • Doc Block

    I love that picture you used for Anderson. That got me laughing pretty hard.