Exclusive: Adam Mason Talks Luster!

Adam Mason talks Luster!In our recent “>interview with director Adam Mason about his latest horror outing to hit DVD, “>The Devil’s Chair (DVD review), our man Uncle Creepy managed to squeeze a bit of intel out of the man about his next feature, Luster.

”It’s about a normal guy who lives in LA who starts to suspect that someone’s trying to fuck with him. Like someone’s trying to make him feel like he’s going mad,” Mason explained. ”Every time he goes out, his car’s been moved, or it’s mysteriously missing. So he starts to think it’s probably his neighbor, who he’s pretty sure is trying to fuck his wife. He decides to set up surveillance cameras to try and catch this guy in the act, but what he finds out is that the guy sneaking around his house is him. He has an alter ego that wakes up whenever he goes to sleep, and when the alter ego figures out that he’s being filmed, he sets out to destroy the other half’s life.”

Sounds like a pretty cool little doppelganger story, something we don’t see nearly enough of these days. Mason said that Luster is more similar to his first film, “>Broken (DVD review), in that he will have complete control over it from top to bottom, which is obviously every director’s dream. Shooting on Luster is under way in LA; keep it here for more updates as we rope them in!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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