Mutant Pig Men Make You Squeal

Squeal like a pig!Killer pigs … Killer pig people … What exactly set off this current trend of hogsploitation flicks going on in horror cinema right now? Prowling the American Film Market website, I stumbled upon info about yet another pig-themed horror flick that had previously slipped below my radar: Squeal.

“An indie rock band goes on its first tour and becomes stranded on a country road when their car breaks down after meeting some strange country hicks. They seek help, only to stumble on a genetic science experiment gone terribly wrong. They are captured by mutant half-pig/half-humans and held captive in a barn. The remaining band members attempt breaks-out, but to their demise the mutants have more surprises in store for them. The sun rises on the carnage and sheds light on the horrors of animal testing.”

Squeal has apparently been making the rounds on the indie festival circuit, even winning the Best Picture prize at HauntCon 2008. Much like the movie in question, I’d never heard of HauntCon until just now either. After Googling both, I wouldn’t mind watching the former and attending the latter.

Head over to the official Squeal website, where you’ll find the film’s trailer (which is below) and pretty much nothing else. But it does look like it could be one to keep an eye out for.

The Foywonder

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  • Cinegeek

    I caught a screening of SQUEAL at The Chicago Horror Film Festival last week, and really enjoyed it. It’s not staggeringly original – kind of “The Illinois Pork-Chop Massacre” – but it takes time to develop it’s characters, has fine moments of black humor, and delivers the goods in suspense and shock. Good performances with some effective moments of connection play well against the dead-serious approach to the movie’s outrageous “pig-people”. And, despite their low-tech makeup FX, the pig-people are actually kinda creepy!

    All-in-all, a pleasant surprise and a little indie gem. IMHO.


    David Schmidt