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Shark in Venice US DVD!Just a week ago I was telling you about the mind-blowing “>trailer for Shark in Venice. This week I can tell you that not only does it now have a DVD release date set; the title has gained an extra “s”. And get a load of that hysterical DVD artwork.

First Look Pictures will be releasing Sharks in Venice – an “s” has clearly been added for phonetic purposes since all indications are there is only one shark in the film – to DVD in the US on January 27th (pre-order it now!). Those living in the UK will get it next week, though the PAL DVD won’t have that swanky comic book cover-worthy artwork we’ll be getting over here in the colonies.

“Traveling to Venice to investigate the mysterious death of his father, David, a famous archaeologist and diver, unearths a killer secret that lies beneath the Venetian waters. When a ruthless mob boss discovers his findings and kidnaps his girlfriend, David must brave the dangerous, shark-infested waters once again to recover the treasure and rescue his girlfriend. A dark and mysterious chase ensues and secrets are revealed in this sci-fi thriller.”

Sci-fi thriller? Sci-Fi Channel, maybe. Haven’t heard about a Sci-Fi airdate as of yet.

Sharks in Venice stars Stephen Baldwin and Scarlett Johansson’s sister, Vanessa. The director is Danny Lerner, himself no stranger to the subgenre having previously directed “>Raging Sharks (review) and Shark Zone for Nu Image, the same company responsible for the Shark Attack trilogy. One look at the trailer for Sharks in Venice and you’ll see that it looks more than ready to live up to the company’s sterling reputation of shark-themed cinema.

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  • The Buz

    I will own this movie.

  • frank_dracman

    The movie may end up sucking more than a $2 whore during shore leave, but if I find that poster, it’s going on my wall.

    • PelusaMG

      There are $2 whores???


      • frank_dracman

        Well that’s what your mother charges, Trebek. HAW!