Bird With Crystal Plumage to be Remade Next?

The Bird With the Crystal Plumage next?The folks over at IGN DVD got a chance to sit down with Italian horror master Dario Argento recently to discuss the DVD release of his latest film, “>Mother of Tears. Of course the conversation inevitably turned to the current remake trend, and Argento let loose some very disturbing information.

Along with the “>Suspiria remake that’s been being threatened for the last year or so, Argento told the interviewer that someone is looking to remake his original giallo classic The Bird With Crystal Plumage. ”This is much more difficult to remake because there’s a link to Italy in the 1970s, which is a little bit difficult to do,” he remarked, ”but if somebody wants to do that, okay (laughs).”

No, Dario, it’s not okay. Damnit, I’m sick of the creative bankruptcy that’s running rampant in horror these days, and I really think if filmmakers would stand up and say “no, I do not approve of this being remade”, it just might slow things down. I know, rarely are the filmmakers the ones with final say, and even if they are, it’s hard to say no to money, but man, it’d sure to be nice to hear now and then.

Stepping into the present, Argento also revealed that the title for his latest film, “>Giallo, is more than likely going to be changing. ”It’s a title for us, so I’m sure now we will change that title,” he told the site. And I’m sure we’ll find out what that new title will be very soon, so stick around!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • syd13

    When the title of your movie is the same as that of the genre that you once helped to define, you’re setting expectations pretty high. I love the guy, but considering the quality of Argento’s recent output, I think its wise of him to change the title.

    Somebody should remake “four flies on grey velvet”, then in the pre-release marketing blitz they could finally release a copy on region 1.