Exclusive FX Shots & Comments on The Echo Game!

Echo Game FX shots!This morning we received yet more shots from Brian Feeney’s upcoming directorial debut, “>The Echo Game, this batch focusing on some of the effects behind the film, and producer Asa Shumska-Tait talked with us a bit about their approach to the film’s effects.

First, however, although we’ve been given only light details on the plot for The Echo Game, we now have a full, detailed synopsis, so dig!

The Echo Game revolves around April Reilly (Alisha Seaton), who receives a letter from her former lover Rachel (Angela Landis), who was believed to have died ten years earlier. The letter and its urgent warning spark a chain of events that sends April’s life spiraling out of control.

For the past ten years, April has raised Rachel’s biological daughter Sarah (Melissa Lee) as her own. No one knows that Sarah is Rachel’s daughter… not even Sarah. When April begins to investigate Rachel’s reappearance, a detective discovers the secret of Sarah and unwittingly brings the whole family to the attention of the relentless rogue scientist Anne Cassavettes (Judy Clement) and her two henchmen. Of course, it turns out that Sarah’s mysterious new psychic visions and telekinetic abilities are not just coincidence…

Echo Game FX shots!Producer Asa Shumska-Tait chimed in with some history on his involvement with the project and why the effects were so vital to the story they wanted to tell: ”I first came onto The Echo Game just to give Brian a little advice on the production, but after I read the script and talked to Brian about it, I wanted to get my company involved and come onto the project as a Producer. Brian’s enthusiasm for horror, and good horror set pieces, is limitless and infectious,” he explained. ”We talk a lot about what we want to see in a horror film, and mostly that comes down to well choreographed set pieces, a little T&A, and creative and shocking gore. A lot of people have said we should tone it down, and the response is always the same: “This is not the kind of movie you tone down.””

Nor should it be! The producers and director set out with a very clear idea of the kind of movie they wanted to make. ”A huge part of making the type of movie that we were so intent on was getting the effects right,” Shumska-Tait continued. ”To me, that means a lot of practicals augmented with some CG, not the other way around. Practical effects just look better, and it’s a damn shame that just when they got really good, we all switched to crappy CG. Jeffrey, our DP, got right on board, and he and Brian came up with some great ways to achieve the creepy ghost effects for Rachel just with camera work. Meanwhile, our FX team has been doing great work with wounds, knives, and our extremely gory final sequence. That one will require some computer work, but using the practicals as a basis will make it so much more realistic.”

The Echo Game is in post-production now, so expect details on a release for it very soon!

Echo Game FX shots! Echo Game FX shots!

Echo Game FX shots!

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