AvP Dead, Predator Lives On?

Schwarzenegger may return to Predator?Now this sure would be a strange turn of events. Honestly, if any franchise lived on after the Alien vs. Predator films were done, I would have guessed it’d be Aliens, mainly because it’s been around for so long. According to producer John Davis, however, it’s Predator.

Collider recently chatted with the prolific producer, who revealed that the Alien vs. Predator franchise is dead, but we might see another Predator film when Arnold is done with his current role as governor of California. ”Well, the Governor has mentioned to me that when he ceases to be Governor,” Davis said in his interview, ”he’d like to do a movie or two again. And I don’t know, maybe we could restart the Predator franchise.”

Understand this is all speculation from Davis alone; Schwarzenegger didn’t specifically say he’d like to reprise his role as Dutch, but since Predator was the first film Davis ever produced, he’s got a soft spot for it. There is no script and nothing even close to solid, but it’s kind of cool to know the idea is still being discussed behind some closed doors.

And hell, if nothing else, it’s good to hear that the chances of another Alien vs. Predator abortion are slim to none!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane