New Beasto Casting

Some cool stuff cropped up this weekend from the sickos putting together The Haunted World of El Superbeasto for you guys. First up, it was announced officially via the flick’s MySpace page that SpongeBob Squarepants himself, Tom Kenny, will be lending his voice to the film, taking the role of Ottot, right-hand man to Dr. Satan.

And speaking of Dr. Satan, Paul Giamatti gave an interview about Lady in the Water not too long ago and discussed his work on this project as the devilish doctor, which also found its way onto El Superbeasto’s MySpace page: ”I did actually got to interact with the other actors, which was interesting,” he said. ”They don’t usually do that in cartoons. But I think he [Zombie] wanted that feeling of people screwing around together a little bit and it has a really snarky feel to it. It’s like a bunch of guys making dirty jokes.”

Definitely a good idea if you want to capture some truly funny and unique stuff, especially for a cartoon like this in which everyone is some kind of sick.

Zombie said recently that the film will have some sort of theatrical release in May, but specifics have yet to be forthcoming. Of course the second we hear more so will you, but don’t expect too much while Rob works on his Halloween redux…

Johnny Butane

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