Spike’s Scream 2008 Nominees Announced

Scream 2008 nominess!How is it that we got a whopping one year out of the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards being a live event, but Spike TV’s Scream show keeps on trucking? I’m sure it comes down to a question of cash, but man it’d be nice to have a strictly horror-centric awards show again…

That being said, Spike has released the nominees for the Scream 2008 awards show, and as usual some of them just make no sense at all. Yes, The Dark Knight was a bleaker movie than any of its predecessors, but does it deserve “Ultimate Scream”?

Dread is still a few years out from having our own awards show, but when we do, I tell ya, things are going to be different! For now we’ll take what we can get though, so head on over to Spike TV and cast your votes now! The show will air on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 21st!

Or you can just vote for the only category that matters below…

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Cash Bailey

    To anyone who gave a single vote to Rob Gordon’s HALLOWEEN… I hate you.

  • Sirand

    Best remake?


    • Terminal

      The Eye was good… if you were blind yourself.

      I voted for “Funny Games US,” personally.

      “Journey” was a guilty pleasure.

  • PelusaMG

    That Two Face stuff in “The Dark Knight” was some nasty shit… Also, Joker planting the guy’s head into a pencil got a huge reaction in the theater. I think there were some ‘screamy moments’ in TDK, but nothing to make the film deserve a ‘best scream’ award.

    Apart from TDK I think either “Cloverfield” or “Doomsday” could deserve the award, although I personally would give it to “The Strangers”.

  • Johnny Butane

    Well, there we go then … if only they had asked us to help…

    • Terminal

      Why would they have? Besides, I doubt there was anything anyone could have done for the Chainsaw garbage from Fango. Jamie Kennedy stunk up the joint.

  • Terminal

    Probably because the Chainsaw awards sucked. Hard. VERY hard. BAd comedy, bad skits, and horrible production quality. I barely finished it.