Borin Investigates The Butcherhouse Chronicles

Frank Borin in ButcherhouseI know this is a website and not something you’d likely be reading while standing up, but just in case be sure you’re sitting down for this one. Ready? A music video director has been hired to helm a horror movie for Platinum Dunes.

I know; it’s shocking, risky … radical, even. But it’s the truth. Frank Borin is his name, and The Butcherhouse Chronicles is the movie. The darkly comedic concept began life as a play about four teens who uncover the dark history of a mysterious old property called Butcherhouse. I mean, seriously, with a name like that how much digging do you have to do to discover nefarious events in its past?

The Butcherhouse Chronicles is one of the first original properties for Platinum Dunes, which is of course focusing all its energies on the upcoming Friday the 13th remake right now. We’ll dig for more on Butcherhouse and let you know when it’s discovered; for more info on Frank Borin, be sure to hit up his official site, which is pretty damn snazzy if I do say so myself!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane