Canadian 3D Horror Comes Home

The Mask is coming at ya in all three dimensions!Four words you don’t often hear together: 3D Canadian horror movie. But such a film exists. It’s called The Mask (no relation to a certain Jim Carrey flick), it came out in 1961, and now it’s coming to DVD in its original 3D format.

Written, directed, and starring a whole bunch of Canadian unknowns, most of whom went on to little or nothing else, The Mask is a trippy horror flick that combines the black & white surrealism of Carnival of Souls with a touch of colorized psychedelia, and all of it is in three glorious dimensions.

A psychiatrist comes into possession of an Aztec mask with strange powers that keeps beckoning him to “Put the mask on now!” After doing so, he’s bombarded with nightmarish hallucinations reflecting his greatest fears and desires; madness and murder follow.

The Mask (AKA Eyes of Hell) has some historic significance as the first Canadian horror movie, the first Canadian 3D movie, and the first Canadian film to be distributed in the United States by a major studio: Warner Brothers. Most American audiences are probably more familiar with this low budget Canuck cult shocker from its 2D airings on Elvira’s Movie Macabre. Rhino even released it on VHS under the Elvira’s Midnight Madness label in the early 1990’s.

On September 30th The Mask finally comes to DVD in all its 3D glory (one pair of 3D glasses will be included) courtesy of Cheesy Flicks, a DVD company I’m not familiar with, but based on their name alone, I like their moxie.

So to paraphrase The Mask trailer’s wonderfully old school B-movie ballyhoo, “Buy The Mask DVD now! Buy The Mask DVD Now!”

The Foywonder

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  • Aghora Eats Kittens

    I remember seeing this on TV too! You had to go to 711 to get the 3D glasses.

  • RingoJ

    I remember seeing this on TV in 3-D

  • DavidFullam

    I hope this company does right for the film.

  • Avid Fan

    Good Gravy, that’s exciting news. Great movie and cool effects. Can’t wait, I love the opening dialog in the shrinks office.