Final Slate of Fantastic Fest Titles!

Alien Raiders joins Fantastic Fest!The folks behind Fantastic Fest, Austin, Texas’ most badass of badass film festivals, announced their lineup of films for this year’s event, which goes down September 18th-25th. The final group of films (that they can talk about…) will include:

  • “>Alien Raiders – The latest from the Raw Feed line, Raiders is about a squadron of trained gunmen [who] lay siege to a supermarket at closing time. What first appears to be a robbery soon takes on otherworldly dimensions.

  • “>The Burrowers – In this film that really needs no introduction round these parts a cross-country manhunt searches for an abducted woman and a marauding Indian tribe, but the real villains don’t ride horses… they burrow from beneath the ground.

  • The Chaser – Another Korean horror film about serial killers preying on call-girls from various escort agencies. In the midst of police indifference and incompetence, Jung-Ho (Yun-Seok Kim), an ex-cop-turned-pimp, must dust off his old flatfoot skills to find the killer and save the life of one of his girls who has gone missing.

  • Left Bank – A new thriller from Belgium! A young woman moves in with her new boyfriend on the fashionable “left bank” in Antwerp only to discover that the building may have a very disturbing past.

  • “>Repo! The Genetic Opera – Bousman and co-writer/star Terrance Znudich will be on hand for this screening! See it with a crowd while you still can! Darren Bousman, director of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th installments of the wildly popular Saw franchise, pulls a “what-the-f…” 180-degree turnaround to create a very personal, very demented, bloody Goth rock opera about organ repossession with lead performances by Paul Sorvino, Paris Hilton and Ogre from Skinny Puppy.

  • Sauna – The U.S. premiere of this interesting sounding horror flick from Finland. While mapping the new border between Russia and Finland after the war, the joint task force stumbles upon a mysterious sauna in a remote swamp, a sauna that allegedly has the power to wash away all sins.

  • The Wreck – Never heard of this one before, but I have to say I’m curious. A very pregnant woman and her husband are trapped in the woods in a demolished sedan, and her water has just broken. They are in a really bad situation, and it gets a LOT worse.
  • And that’s not even all of them, just the ones most appropriate for Dread. Check out the entire slate and get any and all other information you need at Fantastic Fest’s official site!

    Johnny Butane

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