Director Chosen for Palahniuk’s Lullaby

Director for Lullaby chosen!Though I’ve never read a single thing by him, it’s not because I have anything against Chuck Palahniuk. I’m sure he’s a great author and someday I’ll sit down and actually start digging through some of his works. One of his more horror-centric novels that I’ll be sure to hit first is Lullaby, and it sounds like it’s finally on its way to the big screen.

JoBlo talked up Palahniuk recently about the next film being made from one of his books, Choke, and learned that Lullaby is now in the hands of a Swedish commercial/music video director who will use the film as his feature debut. The article’s author didn’t get the spelling of the director’s name but believes it was something along the lines of Ulfer Jansesn. Nothing comes up searching for that name, however, so if anyone out there has a clue who it might be, let us know!

Lullaby is the story of a reporter, grieving the loss of his wife and child, who is assigned to do an article on SIDS. His investigation soon uncovers that all the children who died had been read the same poem the night before, which he soon learns is actually an African “culling song”, meant to bring death to anyone the song is sung to or, worse yet, anyone who is being focused on while the song is recited. After committing a series of murders before fully realizing the song’s potency, he heads out with a witch/real estate agent to try to eradicate any and all copies of the song, including an all-powerful grimoire full of similar spells.

We’ll keep an eye on how this one develops and keep you guys in the loop as we learn more solid info! For now, click here to get Lullaby through Evilshop!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Avid Fan

    Lullaby is a fantastic book and is completely entertaining and nuts-o with great characters, I’d hightly recommend this Mr. Butane.

  • jonny_numb

    You’re not missing much; Lullaby was the last worthwhile thing he wrote.