Two More From Dark Castle

Dark Castle plans for two moreIf you’re like most horror fans, I’m sure the first thing you said when you finished watching “>Return to House on Haunted Hill was “goddamn, we need another one of these!” Well fear not, for Dark Castle has heard your cries!

STYD got word that Dark Castle have plans for yet another return to the Haunted Hill franchise, as well as a brand-new film called All Cheerleaders Die, no relation to the early Lucky McKee/Chris Sivertson film of the same name.

Details about both are unknown, but it’s possible that the new Haunted Hill may be a prequel, which has been discussed before. The site further learned that Dark Castle will only be working possible sequels to film developed through Warner Bros, so there’s a chance we’ll see another House of Wax or Ghost Ship in the near future.

Upcoming Dark Castle releases include Dominic Sena’s “>Whiteout, which hits on April 24th, 2009, and Dave Parker’s “>The Hills Run Red, which may see release this year. Keep it here for more updates!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane