Mancini Talks Child’s Play Reboot

Don Mancini talks Child's Play remakeDespite what they say, I just don’t get why the Child’s Play franchise needs a reboot. A new film that picks up where Seed ended could be pretty damn cool if they kept it dark, but at least series creator Don Mancini’s doing it himself.

In a recent lengthy chat with AICN, Manicini and producer David Kirshner discuss the upcoming 20th Anniversary DVD (pre-order it here), as well as the impending remake. The first bit of good news? Brad Dourif will be back as the voice of Chucky. ”If you could recast it,” Mancini said, ”you would want the actor to sound kind of like it, but it would feel weird to just be completely different I think.”

Going back to my comments about a sequel instead of a remake, Mancini also offered up a rationale for starting the franchise over that draws on that idea. ”I think what we are mainly responding to, David and I, is the will of the fans, which is really telling us that they want to see a scary Chucky movie again. They want to go back to the straightforward horror rather than the horror comedy,” he explained. ”I think it has the potential to be scarier than the original based on the stuff we are talking about, which I know sounds very mysterious and abstract, but anyone in our position would say that at this point, but as you pointed out we do have the advantage of being the people who created the franchise in the first place.”

Hit the above link to check out the entire interview, and be sure to keep you eyeballs on Dread Central for updates on the Child’s Play reboot!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Katsumi

    Has any more information come up on this movie other then its due to come out July 2011?

  • PelusaMG

    Does anyone really care about Chucky these days?

    • Johnny Butane

      Now that is a good question… yes?

  • Johnny Butane

    But, you see after Seed Chucky was out on his own, doing this thing again, so it wouldn’t have been the two of them anymore. Just him, being evil.

  • Kryten Syxx

    Child’s Play was fantastic, but how many more Chucky & Tiffany movies would you want to see? It became more of a violent sitcom than a horror movie.

  • Terminal

    The first one is overrated anyway. How bad could a horror comedy (you know it will be) remake be?