Evil Toys at SDCC!

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)With San Diego Comic Con only a week away (July 23-27th), we are getting pelted with information on the show from all sides. It’s now become impossible to buy even half of the exclusives on sale there, as you’d have to be rich AND some are so limited, you’d need a small army just to stand in line for you. Dread Central helps make sense of all this mess by bringing you a little mini checklist for the toy-loving horror fan.

APPLEHEAD FACTORY Booth #4923 (pic sd001 and down the list)
Tofu the Vegan Zombie (White Version): Applehead Factory’s introducing its newest product, Tofu, the Vegan Zombie, with an exclusive, 7″, “white” vinyl version of the action figure. Created by a scientist looking to cure zombie-ism, Tofu is a friendly, undead vegan. “White” Tofu boasts 5 points of articulation, a fully sculpted produce base, apple crate-like window packaging and a removable tofu block. WARNING: Removal of block can cause Tofu to revert to eating flesh! Limited supply of ONLY 150!!! $35

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)CINEQUEST.com Booth #4836
“Brown Eyes” John Winchester “Supernatural” Minibust : Sam and Dean walk into a trap when they discover the Yellow-Eyed Demon has taken possession of their father, John Winchester, who makes his collectibles debut in this minibust from CineQuest.com and Warner Brothers. This hand-painted resin minibust, sculpted by Atomic Monkey, stands nearly 7″ tall and captures John Winchester as he appeared in the “Devil’s Trap” episode of The CW’s hit series “Supernatural“. John’s eyes are “demon possessed” yellow in the regular release; this variant is the brown-eyed version. Limited to 100 pieces.

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)“Sawed Off” Dean Winchester “Supernatural” Minibust : Leading the flesh-eating Wendigo away from his brother and his companions, Dean Winchester makes his debut as a collectible minibust from CineQuest.com! This hand-painted resin minibust, sculpted by Atomic Monkey, stands nearly 7″ tall and captures Dean as he appeared in the “Wendigo” episode of The CW series “Supernatural“. In this exclusive variant, Dean is armed with two sawed-off shotguns rather than pistols. Comes in a four-color box and is a limited hand-numbered edition. This also comes in a “Two Guns” variant. Both are limited to 100 pieces.

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)DIAMOND SELECT TOYS Booth #2607
The Valley of Darkness Cylon: Sure, it’s SciFi but how often do they make a killer robot action figure with blood slapped across it? Based on the bloody second season episode, these nonstop murderous machines are sure to make a killing! The “Valley of Darkness” Cylon features a bloody hand-print from one of Galactica’s crew members unlucky enough to encounter the rampaging Cylon Centurions as they attempt to slaughter everyone aboard!

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)ENTERTAINMENT EARTH Booth #2343
EE Exclusive Dexter Bobble Head (Bloody Variant) : Dexter’s here…and he’s all bloody! This Comic-Con Exclusive Dexter Bobble Head features the so-called “good guy” in a blue shirt and jeans. He holds a dagger behind his back and is extra bloody! This resin wobbler stands 7-inches tall. Limited to 1,008 pieces. $15

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)FOUR HORSEMEN Booth #4045
Gothitropolis’ Time Keepers : Three different versions of Gothitropolis’ Time Keepers will be on sale at the Four Horsemens’ booth at Comic Con for a mere $10.00 each. Even better, you can purchase the whole set of three for only $25.00! Limited to 350 pieces each.

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)GENTLE GIANT Booth #3513
30 Days of Night Marlow or Iris Action Figure – Feeding Frenzy Edition : Each include: Action figure with base, liquid filled (bloody) mouse pad and Bonus comic book. Randomly selected packages may include an authentic movie prop patch (Barrow Sheriff Department or Alaska Fire Marshall.) $30 each

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)MEZCO Booth #4145
HellBoy II: The Golden Army – 3.75 inch scale Hellboy figure : The first ever 18th scale Hellboy figure from the upcoming Hellboy 2: The Golden Army movie. Featuring over 18 points of articulation, complete with his trusty Samaritan sidearm, as well as his new six-barrel shotgun called “Big Baby” Also includes a display base. $10

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)Hellboy II: The Golden Army: Locker Room Hellboy ; Pulled from a key moment in the highly anticipated summer blockbuster Hellboy II: The Golden Army, this new 7inch figure features more than 18 points of articulation and comes complete with a scale BPRD issued gym towel, a six pack, his famous Samaritan. This exclusive version of Mezco’s Hellboy will also come with a sculpted, three-dimensional Right Hand Of Doom keychain (only available with this figure). $30

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)Living Dead Dolls Resurrection: The Second Coming : Mezco’s twisted minds exhume and re-imagine four more of the most beloved Living Dead Dolls; Sadie, Lou Sapphire, Lilith, and Lulu. Featuring macabre new accessories and darkly deviant designs, these lethally deviated dolls are sure to raise some hell. Only 525 sets world wide. $180

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)Cinema Of Fear Roto Plush: Hockey Edition Jason Voorhees : Mezco’s best selling Jason Roto Plush returns with a “chilling” new look. Wearing a hockey jersey (#13, naturally) this cuddly killer comes complete with his trademark machete, a rotted pallor and an all-new outfit with hockey jersey. A must have for Friday the 13th enthusiasts as well as hockey fans that enjoy their team a bit more on the aggressive side. Jason is a limited edition of 800 pieces worldwide. $30

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)MINDZEYE STUDIOS Booth #4934
Hellboy Midnight Bronze Statue : Based on Mike Mignola’s story The Third Wish, this limited edition cold cast bronze statue of everyone’s favorite paranormal investigator in only available at Comic-Con 2008 and is strictly limited to just 50 pieces. Produced in beautiful dark bronze, these highly collectible variant statues will sell quickly – please arrive at booth #4934 early to secure yours, All 50 pieces will be signed and numbered. $125

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)MR.TOAST Booth #4831
Vampire Toast Plush Toy : 7″ Plush Vampire version of Mr Toast with red and black cape. Limited to 1,000 pieces. $10

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)NECA Booth #4345
Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem Half-Stealth Predator 7″ Action Figure : The Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem Half-Stealth Predator 7″ Action Figure features a Predator in “mid-cloaked” appearance, with “Half-Stealth” weapons and two all-new accessories: an Alien Chest Burster and an Alien Face Hugger. $20

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)Gears of War Carmine 7″ Action Figure : The Gears of War Carmine 7″ Action Figure is the first release of this highly demanded character. He is highly articulated and comes with a Lancer Rifle and the all-new Gnasher Shotgun weapon. $20

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)SHOCKER TOYS Booth #3849
Metalocalypse : Limited to 500 sets, selling for $80 and available only at San Diego Comic-Con Booth #3849. This all-new line features fully painted vinyl action figures of Dethklok, the undisputed greatest animated metal band in the galaxy featured on Adult Swim’s hit series, “Metalocalypse“. The 5.5″ collectible action figure line will consist of band members Nathan Explosion, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Toki Wartooth, Pickles and William Murderface and a secret pack-in!

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)Zombie MC Chris Mini Statue : Also available at The Shocker Toys Booth: an MC Chris 500pc Limited Edition mini statue in “zombie form”! MC Chris will be selling his statue for $50.

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)SIDESHOW TOYS Booth #
The Dead – Subject 1025: The Babysitter : As The Dead continue to multiply in number and in notoriety, Sideshow continues to investigate new possibilities in the realm of undead reanimation while the DNAgent struggles to prevent future apocalypse. Remember to always BE READY… Limited to 450 pieces. $55

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)STRANGECO Booth #4629
EYEZON – Max Toy Company (hand-painted by Mark Nagata) : Eyezon is a mutant potato monster, fully designed and produced by Max Toy Co. Mark has hand-painted 16 Eyezons in this very cool gold color version. It’s a clear figure with visible guts.

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)PHAROAHS (SDCC edition) – Rumble Monsters (hand-painted by Mark Nagata) : Another super limited edition figure by Japanese DIY toy company Rumble Monsters – Pharoahs is a classic toy mold, which is hand-painted by Mark and is limited to an edition of 5.

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)TRIPASU – Cronic x Max Toy Company – Cronic is a Japanese workshop run by Naoki Koiwa, who has made a name for himself by sculpting and producing super limited run kaiju designs. Tripasu sculpted and produced in Japan by Cronic, based on Mark’s design, and hand-painted by Mark. Only 15 have been painted for the show.

Horror Toys of SDCC(click to see it bigger!)TOYNAMI Booth #3229
Skelanimals: Cute As Hell Jack : You can adopt your own Comic-Con pal with this year’s SKELANIMALS convention exclusive: the adorable Cute as Hell Jack! Limited to 500 pieces. $30


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  • Blockbuster

    Oh yeah, and the Dexter bobble head too. AWESOME.

  • Blockbuster

    Yeah…me too…I’m a Rock and Roll CLOWN! I do COCAINE!!!!!!

    Ye fucking gods I want that Dethklok set…and the plush Jason. Living in OK SUCKS. Sucks I tells ya.

  • Chainsaw

    Goddam, there is some awesome stuff there this year.

    And there better be either Ofdensen or Dr. Rockso as the pack in for the Metalocalypse box set.

    And anyone going please feel free to get me that box set. 😀

  • sandiegozombiewalk

    For those who are attending Comic-Con…

    http://www.myspace.com/sandiegozombiewalk for details!