Far Beyond a Double Dip!

Grindhouse Releasing is set to bring Lucio Fulci’s out-of-print The Beyond back to horror fans with a far from plain DVD.

The new release of The Beyond will feature a hi-def transfer, 5.1 surround sound, an on-set interview with the late maestro, commentary and more! Now we just have to try to be patient until October 28th rolls around!

Totally worth the double-dip!


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Mike Phalin

Mike Phalin is a contributing writer, reality television star and engineer.

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  • guillermoistheman

    Please school me on what may, in my eyes, be a masterpiece, or at least worth watching. Italian horror master? gates of hell? Sign me up, but tell me if it’s a waste of 90 min beforehand.

    • Uncle Creepy

      I loved The Beyond. This is no time waster, man. There are moments in it that are even sort of scary. Though it does have the single most annoying child actor on the planet.

      • jonny_numb

        I think “Bob” from House By the Cemetery takes that honor.

        • Sam Hell

          Bob indeed does have that honor.

  • Spaceshark

    The Beyond…sigh…I hated how stupid that doctor was. “If I shoot them in body, the don’t die! Maybe I should shoot them in the head! Success! Egad! Another zombie! I wonder if shooting this one in the body would be any different…no? Arm then…no…? What do I DO!??!?”

    Still prolly gonna buy it though…

    • Undeadmin

      Are you kidding me? That guy offers some of the best moments ever caught on camera.

      Next time you watch it, try to catch him loading the gun by putting bullets DOWN THE BARREL…

      Pure Genius.

      • Spaceshark

        “Blood raining in an enclosed space that leads to another dimension?? There MUST BE A RATIONAL EXPLANATION!!!!”

      • Sam Hell

        “Do Not Entry”

      • Cash Bailey

        That ‘bullets down the barrel’ thing was just an on-set gag by Warbeck, wasn’t it?

  • Chainsaw


    I missed out on owning The Beyond a few years ago when they were selling it at Best Buy as part of a Halloween sale. Then it went on moratorium. Glad to see it’s back.

  • LSD Zombie

    No Way! Roger Ebert actually dug The Beyond? Wow. I never would have expected that.

    I love Grindhouse Releasing.

    • frank_dracman

      Ebert used to surprize me from time to time. Then, in 1997, he gave Spawn 3 1/2 stars. I knew from that moment on he was a complete nutbar. Still resepct the man, but he’s coco for coocoo puffs.
      As for The Beyond, I got the VHS, and while it’s a good movie, it’s nothing I’d add to the DVD wall.

      • Sam Hell

        I’m not sure what VHS edition you have, but I’m sure this DVD will blow it out of the water and make you see it in a whole new light. Unless you’re not into cool…

        • frank_dracman

          Not into cool?!?! Brother, you’re LOOKING at cool! See! I got shades, a Swatch, and Nike pumps. don’t talk to this cat about cool.
          Got the VHS from Ebay a while ago, and it said it was the uncut extended version. I would check the run times and see if they are the same, but it’s in storage along with the rest of my VHS. I’ll Netfilx it, and who knows, maybe I will see it in a new light. I’ll just say this- after seeing Zombi, the Beyond was kinda a letdown. One of those movies people talk and talk about, then you see it and go “eh”.

          • Uncle Creepy

            I actually have the over-sized DVD tin of this flick, that’s totally uncut.

            Oh and kung-fu grip that’s used in conjunction with my swatch.

    • jonny_numb

      Ebert’s review (with that quote put in context):


      I had a similar reaction to my first viewing of The Gates of Hell (which has since become one of my favorite horror films).

      I actually sold my Anchor Bay LE tin a few years back (in a moment of financial weakness), so it’s nice to see it resurfacing yet again (even though most of the features seem to be ported over from the AB edition).

  • zombiefreak

    Sweet, and we will not only get The Beyond. According to the page below (on their site) the Pieces special edition comes out the same day!


  • Kryten Syxx

    Was that from you Sam? All I got was an e-mail from Butane with the link. Thanks!

    • Sam Hell

      No problem! As of right now, no other site, even message boards, has seemed to notice this bit of news yet.

  • Undeadmin

    thats a bangin cover!

    • Uncle Creepy

      You really think so? Looks pretty much like every other cover I’ve seen for it.

  • Sam Hell

    “Thanks to Sam Hell for the heads-up.” 😉