Dear Beautiful, the Apocalypse is Coming!

Roland Becerra's Dear BeautifulWe got word in today that Quiet Earth is the first to view our post-apocalyptic world via an exclusive trailer of Roland Becerra’s full length version of Dear Beautiful.

So what does Mr. Becerra have in store for us? “The sudden appearance of exotic flowers in New Haven spawns an unprecedented epidemic rumored to be the result of a botched experiment by cosmetics giant, V-Zone. Paul and Lauren, a married couple, are caught between the catastrophe and their own troubled relationship when Lauren encounters one of the flowers and becomes infected. As her symptoms worsen, Paul’s denial of Lauren’s illness puts the couple in grave danger as the city is overrun with infected people, media frenzy, National Guard, protesters and a panicked populace. Struggling to maintain a normal daily life, Paul engages in a battle of wills with his best friend and business partner, Roger, as Paul tries to deny his wife’s condition and Roger tries to take matters into his own hands. As the epidemic reaches a climax, Paul must confront the reality of his situation as well as the monster his friend has become.

In case you missed the original short that circulated around various film fests last year, you can check it out here.


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Mike Phalin

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