Updated Fear Itself Schedule!

Stuart Gordon's Eater is next!We just got an updated airdate schedule for Fear Itself, NBC’s anthology horror series that continues this Thursday at 10/9 C with Stuart Gordon’s “>“Eater” (review). Check it out below!
7/17/08 – “New Year’s Day”
Directed by Darren Bousman (Saw II, III & IV)
Written by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night)
A young woman (Briana Evigan, Step Up 2: The Streets) wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by horrifying zombies and struggles to survive the day. Niall Matter (“Eureka”), Cory Monteith (“Kyle XY”) and Zulay Henao (“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”) also star.

7/24/08 – “Skin and Bones”
Directed by Larry Fessenden (The Last Winter, Wendigo)
Written by Drew McWeeny & Scott Swan (Masters of Horror)
When a cattle herder (Doug Jones, Hellboy & Hellboy II: The Golden Army) returns home to his family after being lost in the woods for days, he just doesn’t seem the same. Soon, a terrible mortal struggle ensues against the terrifying monster possessing him

7/31/08 – “Something With Bite”
Directed by Ernest Dickerson (NBC’s”Heroes”)
Written by Max Landis (Masters of Horror)
After a veterinarian (Wendell Pierce, “The Wire”) gets bitten by a large, strange animal brought into his clinic, he begins to see the world and his stale life differently. Paula Jai Parker (“Side Order of Life”, “The Proud Family”) also stars.

So it looks like the next few weeks have some great potential; I love all those directors and the plots they’re directing, so here’s hoping this is where Fear Itself turns itself around!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Blockbuster

    I would like to see a comments section where the “reply” comments are actually applied to the comments that they actually replied to. LOL.

    OH! And I’ve not watched anything of MOH or FI since the first episode. Loved it, couldn’t catch the rest of them. Oh well.

    • Uncle Creepy

      This reply is where it belongs, no? I guess some people just don’t realize the red “reply” feature is active.

  • Kryten Syxx

    I love Fear Itself so much that I’ve refused to watch a single episode so my idea of it stays nice and pure.

  • Messiahman

    They may not cancel the show — but they certainly won’t renew it. It debuted to low numbers and is steadily declining, almost always coming in third in its timeslot, and the demos are shit. The only reason it’s even still around is that it’s been dumped in the summer graveyard to fill space while NBC rejiggers its schedule for Fall, which is proof enough that the network had no faith in it.

    As for the “vitriol,” I’d say it was more like cautious skepticism mixed with the fear that NBC’s heavy influence (they’re the ones calling all the shots, after all) would result in a safe, homogenized show that had nothing of import or interest to offer, and that didn’t even have a modicum of style to offset the certain-to-be-neutered content.

    And that’s exactly what happened. NBC hamstringed the show before it even began, and everything on offer thus far has reflected that.

    Once again, even the worst MOH episodes are miles better than this on both storytelling and stylistic levels.

    • G.D.

      As far as I know, it was always a summer series, given its shooting schedule.

      And yeah, I would actually characterize it as vitriol. People on message boards have been badmouthing it since before Garris left the show.

      And I’m sorry…how was it hamstrung? I haven’t noticed any edited-out gore or anything. The show hasn’t exactly been neutered. It may not have the Argento goreshow, but it’s not like it’s G-rated.

      And I’m sorry, but episodes of MoH that were better than the admittedly mediocre FI are few and far between. People bitched about how bad most MoH episodes were while they were airing, but now every seems to be looking back at MoH like it was the original Twilight Zone. The show was 90% awful. Sure, it had the advantage of heading out of the gates with one of its better episodes, but the show was mostly garbage. People kept giving MoH another chance for over 2 dozen episodes, but everyone wanted to bury FI once its first episode wasn’t the second coming of The Thing… I just don’t get it.

      • Sirand

        “People kept giving MoH another chance for over 2 dozen episodes, but everyone wanted to bury FI once its first episode wasn’t the second coming of The Thing… I just don’t get it.”

        Because MOH was director focused. Each filmmaker had 100% complete creative control. It was obvious the same guys got fucked on Fear Itself right out of the gate and the end result speaks for itself.

        Fear Itself deserves every slam and then some.

      • Morgan Elektra

        “As far as I know, it was always a summer series, given its shooting schedule.”

        Actually, both seasons first episodes aired in October.

        I’m not looking back as if the original series was golden… I still remember how a couple of episodes had uneven tones, weak spots in the stories, bad endings that ruined an otherwise good episode, or flat acting. That doesn’t change the fact that the episode I disliked the most out of all the episodes in both seasons had more that I could compliment it on than anything I’ve seen so far on Fear Itself. And there was never a point in MOH were there three weeks in a row with episodes I didn’t like. THAT’S why I have no more faith in Fear Itself.

      • Messiahman

        Actually, it ended up being aired during the summer because of the strike. Pretty much no one wants their series aired during the summer, as it tends to guarantee the show’s death. Christ, you seem to know as little about scheduling as you do about ratings.

        NBC hamstrung the show by micromanaging it to death and dictating the content on every level. I’m not merely talking about gore; I’m talking about characters and intensity of subject matter. NBC is on record as saying that they wanted to lean toward “thrillers” as opposed to horror. They were involved in every aspect of the show, notating scripts into more network-friendly content long before they were filmed.

        As for MOH, sorry, but I disagree. Indeed, I think that MOH had quite a few exceptional episodes and only a scant few (maybe two) that could be considered downright bad. Regardless, all of them had real style and were shot much more interestingly than anything on FI. I’d also say that people were MUCH harder on MOH, as evidenced by the overwhelming amount of kneejerk reactions seen on the good ol’ intertubes. There was so much hype and expectation that it was bound to inspire the hyperbole typical of the web, but the truth is that the majority of MOH eps not only hold up but actually deepen upon subsequent viewings. NONE of them were as bland or as technically dull as anything on FI.

  • Spaceshark

    Wow, G.D.’s carrying a huge torch for this show.

    • G.D.

      It’s more that I have this thing where I get annoyed when people spew out numbers with no context and seem to think that because they read an article on the internet with a list of number in it that they knew what they’re talking about.

      • Messiahman

        Oh please, you just pulled the same hypocritical bullshit and proved that you don’t know one thing about ratings (and most importantly, demos) either. Stop acting like an expert when it’s clear you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

  • Sirand


    I think G.D. works on the show. Either that or he’s the world’s only Fear Itself fan.

    • G.D.

      Nothing to do with the quality if the show. Not even discussing the quality of the show.

      That said, I just don’t understand the vitriol that has faced this show since before it started airing. Shouldn’t people be trying to root on the success of a horror show on one of the big nets? Is it because Mick Garris left the show? The same Mick Garris who ushered in two mediocre-at-best seasons of Masters of Horror and countless mediocre-to-decent Stephen King adaptations?

      And now to be manufacturing failure because the show didn’t perform as well as CSI or Two and a Half Men? I just don’t get it.

      • Messiahman

        Garris leaving this show due to the unethical, backhandedly shitty hiring of scab writers by NBC is enough to make him a hero for life in my book. He’s a standup guy who should be celebrated for walking away from this clusterfuck.

        And sorry, but I don’t root for the success of soulless scumbag suits who have done everything in their power to fuck writers and creators right in the ass.

        • G.D.

          Good for you, you want a medal?

          • Messiahman

            Nope, I’d just like you to stop annoyingly whining like a prepubescent girl every time someone gives this show a bad review. Enough with the butthurt indignation already.

    • Uncle Creepy

      He’s gonna have an aneurysm when the Fear Itself DFF hits.

      • PelusaMG

        Isn’t there some kind of rule against using big words like that?


  • Johnny Butane

    Damn straight.

  • G.D.

    Why would they cancel it? Despite what people are saying here, it does ok in the ratings. It’s a finite series that they’ve paid for and it’s the summer. How often does a summer series get cancelled?

    And frankly, these episodes all sound better than what’s aired so far. I’m looking forward to the Bousman/Niles one and the Fessenden one in particular.

    • The Woman In Black

      Okay in the ratings? You really think so?

      Swingtown (CBS)
      6/06/08 – Viewers: 8.57 million (#1), A18-49: 2.8/ 8 (#1)
      6/13/08 – Viewers: 7.00 million (#2), A18-49: 2.3/ 7 (#1)
      6/20/08 – Viewers: 6.01 million (#1), A18-49: 2.1/ 6 (#1)
      6/27/08 – Viewers: 5.65 million (#2), A18-49: 1.9/ 6 (#1)

      Fear Itself (NBC)
      6/06/08 – Viewers: 5.26 million (#3), A18-49: 2.0/ 6 (#3)
      6/13/08 – Viewers: 4.87 million (#3), A18-49: 1.5/ 4 (#3)
      6/20/08 – Viewers: 4.65 million (#2), A18-49: 1.5/ 6 (#2)
      6/27/08 – Viewers: 4.47 million (#3), A18-49: 1.5/ 4 (#3)

      • Undeadmin

        To me that just shows their audience holding at a decent average while their competing show is QUICKLY losing theirs.

        Accoring to those numbers and trends we can expect Swingtown to lose another 1M viewers while Fear Itself maintains and average of 4.5M viewers. Within a week Swingtown would fall well below Fear Itself with just simple trending.

      • G.D.

        Yeah, I do. It’s not huge, but it’s SUMMER and it’s HORROR and it’s an ANTHOLOGY. And it’s going against a show that is about swingers. A show that’s being sold on sex and controversy. Say nay if you want, but this shows that FI is holding steady. Swingtown has lost 35% of its audience over the course of 4 weeks whereas Fear Itself has lost 15%.

        Neither show is a big hit, but you’re comparing a show that premiered strong and is fading fast to a show that is holding steady. And you’re comparing SWINGTOWN in the positive?


        But seriously….HAHAHAHA…I’m sorry, I’m having a hard time -*snicker* keeping a straight face after reading that post.. HAHAHA…heehee….yeah….hah…wow…heh…jesus… That’s really adorable, that argument… Oh god, I needed that good laugh…

        From Shock Till You Drop’s article on the first episode: “Fear Itself matched NBC’s highest non-sports rating in this time period last summer, while topping all of last summer’s non-sports results in total viewers, despite exceptional competition last night from ABC’s coverage of the Lakers/Celtics NBA Finals.”

        Matched NBC’s highest rated non-sports program from last year? Yeah, that means it’s not doing well. hahahahahaha

        • The Woman In Black

          Actually, I was comparing it to ratings in general. I just showed it vs. Swingtown as an example of how it was doing in its specific time slot considering the target audiences are vastly different. The Top 10 from June 23-29 show Fear Itself is pulling about 1/2 the number of viewers as the most popular shows. Pitiful.

          1. America’s Got Talent NBC 11.7
          2. Wipeout ABC 10.0
          3. 60 Minutes CBS 9.4
          4. Two and a Half Men CBS 9.2
          5. Celebrity Family Feud NBC 8.8
          6. So You Think You Can Dance (Thurs) Fox 8.6
          7. Million Dollar Password CBS 8.5
          8. So You Think You Can Dance (Wed) Fox 8.3
          9. CSI: Miami CBS 8.2
          10.Japanese Game Show ABC 8.0

          And let’s not leave out the four most important words in the STYD article: in this time period. That’s not quite the same as “Matched NBC’s highest rated non-sports program from last year.

          • G.D.

            Really? And you seem to have assumed that Fear Itself was expected to be the most watched show on television? I’ll reiterate that it is a horror show. It is also an anthology. And it’s a summer show. It’s a new show, a niche show, in a late timeslot. So what if it’s not in the top ten? You want to remember those four words? How about these two words that *I* used: “doing OK”.

            What’s the last horror show that turned up in the top ten? There are hundreds of shows that show up on TV each year and MANY of them would KILL to have half the audience of the #1 show.

            Wow, really? You’re going to compare this show to the top shows in primetime? How many 10:00 shows are in the top ten there?

            “In this time period?” Guess what? That’s how shows are measured. It’s a failure because it’s not in the top ten? What are you, frigging kidding me? Are there cameras in my apartment, capturing my every move? Is there an audience sitting in their living rooms laughing at me for even taking your argument seriously?

            Highest rated, non-sports in it’s timeslot? Sorry, that’s success.

            Pathetic is how people have made it their mission to bash a show in any way they can for no good reason.


  • Chainsaw

    So, “Updated” does not mean “cancelled”. Hmmm.