Marvel Zombies Headed to Consoles?

Marvel Zombies for you console?File this one under rumors for now, but expect to be taking it out of that filing p soon. With E3 almost upon us, people usually do a poor job of keeping things secret and over the weekend a whole plethora of projects leaked out all over the place.

Spider-Man vs Marvel Zombies is reportedly heading to PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii thanks to Activision, and will be set in the Marvel Zombies universe where all the superheroes are undead flesh eaters. I’m sure you already know about the zombie superhero business if you’re reading this. You’ll be playing as the uninfected Spider-Man, however, so if I’m not mistaken it’s not directly following the Marvel Zombies comics.

I guess that makes it more of a Spider-Man game rather than a Marvel Zombies game, then. It would be pretty damn cool to play as all the different zombies and run around eating people and generally wreaking havoc, but I don’t think that’s what we’ll be getting.

Still the Spider-Man games have been pretty good, probably some of the best licensed Marvel games, and the Marvel Zombies-verse is ripe for some fun times, even if rumors about Activision trying to make it T rated are true.


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  • Rottenjesus

    Why is Marvel putting a stop to all Marvel Zombies merchandising again?

    • Nomad

      Because they don’t like the idea of their core characters on shelves with missing eyeballs and no lips eating people. The executive thinking would be it “confuses the brand” or rather “the consumer is too stupid to know that spidey and friends are not flesh eating zombies now, so they will think the next movie will star spider-man eating ny citizens.”

  • Nomad

    I’d be really surprised if they make this, seeing as how Mavel put a stop to all further merchandising of Marvel Zombies. They could figure the game would be targeted for an older audience though, I suppose. Comics = ok Games = ok toys = bad because kids buy toys. Creepy knows only kids buy toys.

  • Undeadmin

    I wouldn’t expect much from E3 anymore. This year is set to be the smallest one ever from what I’ve seen. What was once a mecca of electronic nirvana is now just a disappointment.

  • Dr Malachi Constant

    Of course some shit like this has to be made AFTER I’ve gone and committed to a personal boycott of all home gaming consoles. Hopefully, one of my friends gets it, just so I can play it once.