Martyrs Promo Reel

Martyrs poster (click to see it bigger)I wish we had reported on this earlier, but I’m actually glad we waited cause this was worth it. By now you’ve likely heard of Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs, a French film that’s been making all sorts of waves since it showed up at Cannes this year. Apparently this is the next big thing in horror, folks.

Believe what you will, but from those I’ve talked to who have seen it, it’s definitely something unique. The film is about a girl named Lucie whose found wandering the side of the road at 8 years old. She can say nothing about what’s happened to her, though it’s clear she’s been neglected for a very long time. She makes friends with another victim of abuse, Anna, a girl whose parents treated her badly, and soon the two are insuperable.

Fifteen years later, a family in the middle of the woods opens their door to death when a hollow-eyed Lucie shows up shoots them all dead. Anna goes to help, but something more sinister is happening than just revenge.

An English-subbed promo reel for Martyrs found it’s way onto Gomorrahy this weekend, so head on over there to check it out. You can learn more at the official French Martyrs site, and be sure to sign the petition that’s out there to keep the film from receiving an “X” rating in it’s native France!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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