Evil Dead Stays Dead For Now

No Evil Dead Remake For NowRecently we had the opportunity to catch up with the mighty Sam Raimi and caught an interesting tidbit on the non-activity of the rumored Evil Dead remake.

Raimi revealed that this project is still something he thinks would be worth remaking, but that functionally the remake has been shelved, for the time being, to make way for more pressing projects. Many of the film’s fans might protest such a remake of a much beloved cult classic; but Raimi reveals a persuasive logic of his own as to why it should be done. “That was only shot in 16 mm,” he said, “and I don’t think many people ever saw it on the big screen, actually. They usually just found it later on video if they liked it or not. So no one really saw it on the big screen, no one really saw it on 35 mm. The sound job should have been stereo, because that movie was only as good as sight and sound. If you have it directed in 35 on the big screen, and be able to move the sound around, that would increase its effectiveness 3-fold.” Whether you find that persuasive or not, those who would prefer a remake not be done have at least a temporary reprieve.

Raimi went on to say, “We said we were going to do it, but we got so busy with other projects we never actually pursued it. We still want to do it, we still think it’s worth trying, but I’ve still not done a single thing about it.”

Hope he will or just leave it alone already? Let us know below!

Tristan Sinns

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Tristan Sinns

  • frank_dracman

    I would rather Raimi do a George Lucas on Evil Dead and pretty it up with new sound, effects, etc. I’d pay money to see that, but a remake? I don’t think so.

    • Terminal

      That’s even worse than a remake. New Sound and video? Great. Better special effects? That defeats the purpose of watching Evil Dead. Ugh, I hope he never does that.

  • dogbreath

    wasn’t there a remake already called Evil Dead 2? Give us the promised Evil Dead 4.

  • The Butcher

    “Bigger” doesn’t mean “Better”.
    Hell, in this case “Better” doesn’t even mean “Better”. If Raimi remakes this eventually it’s also obvious he wouldn’t be directing it himself, nor is he probably able to at this point from a creative standpoint. It would most likely be a fucking comedy and not a lo-fi semi-psychedelic freakout like the original was.
    I still remember when they were bandying about Mathew Lilliard (sp?)as the new Ash.


  • Spaceshark

    He sounds like he’s confusing a remake with a remaster.

  • Terminal

    That’s sorely lacking in any logic or sanity.

    “It’d be good to remake my movie because not many people saw it on the big screen, so remaking it will give you that experience.”

    Yeah, that makes sense!

  • Chainsaw

    So, Sam’s logic for remaking the movie would be because it might look cooler?

    I think the chances of it lessening the original movies with crappy acting and a lame, pedestrian script outweighs how neat it’d look. I’m glad it’s not coming out right now.