Quarantine Gets Rated

If you saw The Strangers (review) this past week, there’s a good chance the trailer for REC‘s American remake played before the feature presentation. Up until now the film’s rating was still in limbo.

Today there was a change at Quarantine‘s official site. The story of a news team trapped in a government secured building, trying to stay alive while an unknown cause turns the tenants into raging monsters, has just been giving it’s nice big R-rating! Oh happy days!

Now … if only they’d quit spoiling everything with the trailer.


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  • thedudeabides

    Fuck it, I’ll watch it. What’s the worst that happens? It won’t be as good as the original. Laws, yes whatever shall I do?

  • Spaceshark

    For Deb’s sake, I will support this movie.

  • Uncle Creepy

    I wouldn’t say worthless, then again you were on the set Andrew, and you’d know better than I.

    Still I have hopes for a good performance from Carpenter. She is ideal for the role.

  • Sirand

    Who cares about the rating? It’s another damned worthless remake.

  • Terminal

    Good news.

    The bad news is, this movie still looks mediocre.

  • Hunter1006

    Sooo happy you have no idea.

Mike Phalin