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Hydra? Check!I often wonder if someone at the Sci-Fi Channel keeps a checklist of every mythological, supernatural, and cryptozoological monster to decide what monsters the network has yet to air an original movie about and which ones they still need to check off the list. If so, whoever that is can now add a checkmark next to the Hydra, the multi-headed snake of Greek mythology.

CineTel Films, no stranger to making Sci-Fi Channel movies about serpentine and mythical monsters, having previously produced Komodo vs. Cobra, Cerberus, and Ogre, hired the screenwriter of the upcoming Poison Ivy 4: The Secret Society (go read the plot synopsis on IMDB; sounds more like it should be The Skulls 4 instead) and the director of 2004 slithering monster movie Parasite to bring us Hydra, the long overdue Sci-Fi Channel original about a team of treasure hunters on a remote island that find themselves face-to-faces with the many heads of the Hydra that guards the treasure they seek. Looking at the trailer, it seems almost like some variation of The Most Dangerous Game with a bunch of college types being hunted by armed soldiers on an island that just happens to be home to what looks like the monster from the previous Sci-Fi Channel multi-headed snake flick Snake King, only smaller in size and with more heads.

Potential mythological monster fodder includes “7th Heaven” co-star George Stults, Polly Shannon (The Triangle, Harvard Man), and the wonderfully named Texas Battle (Final Destination 3, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End).

No airdate for Hydra just yet, but I figure it has to be sooner rather than later given how snake crazy the Sci-Fi Channel is getting the next two months. June 28th will see the premiere of Copperhead with Brad Johnson and Billy Drago battling thousands of poisonous snakes that overrun a Wild West town at the behest of an old Indian curse. Then, the one we’ve all been waiting for, Anaconda 3: The Offspring, featuring a no doubt epic David Hasselhoff vs. a giant man-eating snake smackdown, arrives on July 28th. You don’t want to miss that one otherwise you’ll be out of the loop for Anaconda 4: Trail of Blood, also coming soon to Sci-Fi.

But getting back to Hydra, you can slither on over to CineTel’s website, click on “Hydra”, and find the streaming trailer available for viewing. If the dubious Sci-Fi CGI snake monster doesn’t entertain you, for added amusement feel free to try and reconcile the plot synopsis provided on their website with what you’ll see in the trailer. Something doesn’t quite add up

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  • Hunter1006

    ‘Hydra’ seriously looks like the best movie ever made.