Countess Teaser, Darkness Plot

The Countess, directed by Julie DelpyWomen just don’t have the kind of devotion to men that they did back in the 16th Century, you know what I mean? When was the last time you had a girl willing to bathe in the blood of virgins so she could stay young enough to keep you interested in her? It’s been years for me…

Such were the habits of Elizabeth Bathory, famed countess and subject of Celluloid Dreams’ The Countess, which the lovely Julie Delpy both directed and took on the title role for. The film purports to tell the true story of the famed countess, who’s been portrayed as all manner of evil on film for decades now. Will The Countess finally set the record straight?

Check out Celluloid Dreams’ official site for a look at the full plot and a new teaser trailer.

Dreams are also working on a straight-up vampire movie called Hello Darkness, which actually sounds like it could be a good time. It’s about a man who was turned into a bloodsucker at the age of 25 and has remained eternally young, taking his victims from the local town known for its drunken excess. When he’s finally discovered as a vampire, however, things get very complicated very quickly.

The full synopsis for Hello Darkness is also on the Celluloid Dreams site under “Pre-Production”, so check it out!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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