Lost Boys 2 Site Now Live!

Where the hell is that Rob Lowe poster?!

Maybe, just maybe, the direct-to-video sequel to Lost Boys won’t be so bad. Looking back, the original was fun for all the wrong reasons, so maybe this one will be too.

Anyway, it looks like the Lost Boys: The Tribe official site is finally live, though content is limited at this point. Visitors are greeted with the trailer for right now, but it looks like more content should follow soon.

Lost Boys: The Tribe brings one of the Frog brothers back to fight a new batch of vampires. Can an innocent girl be turned back? Will vamp blood make you glittery? Will Rob Lowe be yet again on a seductive poster? And most importantly of all … will the sax man return?!

Catch it on Blu-ray and DVD July 29th!


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  • Terminal

    I’m there with bells on.

    “Death by Stereo!!”

  • MadmanMarz

    Can’t believe it’s only dtv release. If it was anything like the original, they would’ve made a killing at the box office this summer.

    Anyway, looks good. I’ll be picking up a copy when it comes out.

  • Spaceshark

    That Sax Man was radical.

  • ivelnoslo

    If laughing at the Sax Man is one of the wrong reasons to enjoy the film, I agree. He makes me laugh and nod every time.

    There are plenty of right reasons, though. Like Jami Gertz. And Keifer Sutherland. And Corey H’s grampy. And Dianne Wiest was kinda hot. Oh, and:

    “How are those maggots.”


    “Maggots, Michael. You’re eating maggots. How do they taste?”

    There’s so much to love, which is why I hope the sequel is at least decent…which I somehow doubt it will be, but I’m gonna watch it. Even if only for Edgar Frog.

Kryten Syxx