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Horror Music Lovers Rejoice – Full Moon Tunes has Launched



Full Moon Tunes

Music is as much a part of horror as special F/X and creepy stories. Knowing that, the good people at Full Moon Entertainment have launched their own music branch. Say hello to Full Moon Tunes.

Featuring soundtracks from such films as Subspecies, Tourist Trap and Puppet Master I & II, Full Moon Tunes is loaded with unique musical content that can’t be found anywhere else. The list of bands you can find there is huge as well, featuring names like Blue Oyster Cult, Edgar Winter, Kottonmouth Kings, Insane Clown Posse, Twizted and the man behind Full Moon Entertainment himself, Charles Band, who is an accomplished composer and scored nearly 70 films. And more content is being added all the time!

Check out Full Moon Tunes at the link above and get some aural pleasure inspired by your favorite films at FullMoonStreaming.com.

From the Press Release
Full Moon Tunes is yet another amazing addition to the ever growing line of Full Moon products and services we are offering both our faithful audience and new fans alike. Relive your most fevered Full Moon moments by listening to your favorite soundtracks anywhere, anytime!

Our soundtracks feature some of the most talented musical artists in the business such as the Aman Folk Orchestra, April, Bernie Pershay, Blue Oyster Cult, Booty Boys, Bob Gianetti, Da Ballhead Dred, District 78, David Bryan, David Arkenstone, Edgar Winter, F1, Freda Payne, Insane Clown Posse, Jael, Joe Ward, John Duva, Krondon, Kottonmouth Kings, Larry Fast, Lao Fai, M2C, Most Buff, Menace, Nina, PotLuck, Phelon, Pino Donaggio, R.E.G. Sinfonica Di Milano, Static Disaster, Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, SixxHole, The Shondrae, Self Scientific, Twizted, Turtle Man, Ugo, Volume 10, Van Stone, VouxDoux, 99 Cent Baby, 4-Zone, My Good Eye, Joel Goldsmith and of course our own in-house maestro, composer Richard Band..

Over the next several months, Full Moon Tunes will add even more musical soundtracks to the website’s collection of demonic and catchy music. So if you hear a song that you like on any of our films at FullMoonStreaming.com, you can certainly purchase the soundtrack at Full Moon Tunes to enjoy whenever you please!

We are extremely excited to bring Full Moon Tunes to life and help spotlight all of the incredible music found in our beloved films. Fans will now have the chance to not only feed their eyes with our classic movies, but will now also get the chance to quench their ears with our vast and catchy soundtracks at Full Moon Tunes.

fullmoontunes - Horror Music Lovers Rejoice - Full Moon Tunes has Launched





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