Telltale Games Reveals Trailer and Details about The Walking Dead: Season 2

Telltale Games Leaves Cryptic Hint About The Walking Dead Season 2If you remember, yesterday I told you about a mystery image that popped up on Telltale Games' official fan page with the line "Keep that hair short…" and a statement that all would be revealed on October 29th.

Well, today it's the 29th, and we got exactly what I (and most of the world) thought we'd get - a big ol' teaser...

Thankfully, Telltale Games didn't leave me with the proverbial "video game teaser blue balls"; they also gave a wee smackerel of what's to come for TWD: Season Two.

WARNING: If you haven't finished Season One OR 400 Days, here be (possible) spoilers.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 2 picks up months after the events of Season One with our young orphan heroine Clementine braving the elements and walkers in order to find a safe haven... all by herself. As Clementine, you will once again walk through a choice-based minefield that will tailor your storyline with every decision you make.

NOTE: Decisions you've made in Season One and 400 Days WILL affect your Season Two gameplay

There's no release date as of yet, BUT pre-ordering has begun with PC/Mac users getting a 10% off special when ordering the season pass.

Stay tuned, darlings.

The Walking Dead

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