Megan Fox Shows Off Jennifer’s Body

Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body!As our own Johnny Butane wings his way to British Columbia to do a set visit for the upcoming Jennifer’s Body, a huge batch of photos of the film’s star, Megan Fox, showed up online over at What’s so special about these pics, you ask? She’s topless — and wet — so beware that they’re not exact work-safe!

In case the shock of seeing Ms. Fox’s nips so up close and personal has left you a little disoriented, here’s a reminder of what Jennifer’s Body is all about: Scripted by none other than Oscar-winning scribe Diablo Cody and directed by Karyn (Girlfight) Kusama, the story “centers on an impish high school student (Amanda Seyfried) that has to protect her town against her best friend Jennifer (Megan Fox), who, after being bedeviled by an evil rock band, develops a taste for human flesh.”

Demon possession + Devilish cheerleaders + Satanic rock stars = One helluva good time for this Woman! I can hardly wait to read what Johnny has to say about it all.

Debi Moore

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Debi Moore

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  • Messiahman

    Hey, it wasn’t me that mentioned the awful taste in men — I was just clarifying what Cash said.

    I could care less about B.A.G.

  • The Woman In Black

    Exactly what’s wrong with B.A.G.? He’s aged pretty well I’d say and totally redeemed himself with his performance in The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

  • Messiahman

    The “awful taste in men” bit was aimed at Megan Fox.

    She’s dating 90210’s Brian Austin Green.

    As for “Jennifer’s Body,” the script was beyond awful.

  • Johnny Butane

    Awful taste in men? She’s dating Edgar Wright! Or at least she was… Met her last night, she’s pretty cute in person!

  • Dr Malachi Constant

    Wait just a minute, there … boobs ASIDE?

  • frank_dracman

    Boobs aside, I could care less about this one. Diablo Cody (if that is her real name) writing a horror movie? No spank you.

  • Dr Malachi Constant

    Well, y’know, she’s one u’ them classy types. Wearin’ pasties & shit. Don’t wanna give up the goods fer free. Typical.

  • Chainsaw

    “There are stars over her tatas! Why do you tease me so, WIB?!!”

    She’s a Sneetch?

  • Kryten Syxx

    I see she’s also a ‘landing strip’ kinda woman.

  • Terminal

    I personally think Diablo Cody is hot. Honest to blog.

  • Cash Bailey

    Hot, yes. But pure white trash with her ghetto tattoos and awful taste in men.

  • Spaceshark

    Wow, this movie has nothing going for me.

  • Terminal

    I think Amanda Seyfried is very talented on “Big Love,” and “Veronica Mars.” And it’s a bonus that she’s very hot.

  • The Woman In Black

    I guess that’s why they cast Seyfried to play the “main” role — she can act like nobody’s business!

  • Kryten Syxx

    Horrid actress, nice body. Too bad she’s going to be wearing pasties during her nude scenes.

  • Terminal


    Her tatas are quite nice.

  • Terminal

    There are stars over her tatas! Why do you tease me so, WIB?!!

  • The Woman In Black

    Click the link, silly. There’s tons of tatas.

  • Terminal

    That’s so fucked up. We don’t even see her tatas.