Get Ready to Spend a Night in a Mansion of Blood with Gary Busey

Last we heard anything about Mansion of Blood was in 2011, when it was being reported that star Gary Busey was fired from the film for, well, being Gary Busey. Should filmmakers be surprised by this? To paraphrase a famous film line, Gary Busey is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.

Now it looks like the troubled low budget horror film may finally be seeing the light of day thanks to Tomcat Films. They’ve also decided to build the entire promotion of the film around Busey despite his being canned from the project for being impossible to work with and making inappropriate comments towards various females on the set (or “contractual difficulties,” as was the official line of damage control).

Writer-director Mike Donahue weaves this haunted house flick also starring Robert Picardo (“Star Trek: Voyager”, The Howling), Carla Laemmle, Ray Quiroga, Tom Tangen, Terry Moore, Mindy Robinson, and Lorraine Ziff.

Millionaire Mason Murphy renovates the haunted Mayhew mansion. He moves his family to the estate with his creepy servant Zacharia (Gary Busey). He plans a tremendous lunar eclipse viewing party to celebrate his return to his hometown of River Ridge Iowa. At the party a witch casts a spell to summon the spirit of her dead boyfriend. The magic runs out of control under the eclipse, a series of deadly accidents lead to revenge killings, and then all the monsters come out as the party guests are murdered one by one. Each murder and death is unique, macabre, and horrifying at the Mansion of Blood. Who, if any, will survive?

IMDb lists Mansion of Blood as opening in theaters October 15th. Something tells me this will be a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very limited theatrical release.

Mansion of Blood

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  • Disgruntly

    Painful to watch. Busey and Picardo are the only ones who can act.

  • Joseph Mayfield

    Jesus, fire that sound guy!