Mendoza & MacDonald Return in Descent 2!

Shauna and Natalie are headed back to the caves!The Descent (review), while a great fucking movie, never really struck me as the kind that needed a sequel. The original ending summed everything up nicely. That isn’t the case as you can tell since there is indeed a follow-up with Neil Marshall being replaced by Jon Harris in the director’s chair. Yes, Sarah (Shauna MacDonald) will be venturing back into the caves to confront the things that claimed her friends, and there may be a surprise return of Sarah’s best friend/foe Juno!

It was almost a no-brainer that MacDonald would return as the lead, but it was unexpected to see Natalie Mendoza turn up. According to Bloody Disgusting she has signed on, but now that opens things up as to what exactly Mendoza will be doing in the pic. Flashbacks? Did she fight her way out of the cave? Or is this all a set-up for the whole “twin sister” thing!


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Mike Phalin

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  • Tsotha-lanti

    “Or did Juno survive as the new Queen of the Underworld?”

    If that’s the case, then they should title it ‘Dances with Morlocks’. 😀

  • Rorschach

    Or did Juno survive as the new Queen of the Underworld?

    I smell a photoshop opportunity here….take the poster from JUNO and replace Ellen Page’s face with that of Mendoza, and replace the Arrested Developement Kid with one of the CaveDwellers.


  • Tsotha-lanti

    I thought the original ending was supposed to be the official one? I’m really confused now.

  • G.D.

    That’s unfortunate because the original ending was SO much better. The US theatrical ending wasn’t awful, but the original was great.

  • thedudeabides

    Not looking forward to this.

  • Kryten Syxx

    Yes, they are G.D.

  • G.D.

    So…they’re ignoring the real/original/good ending?

  • Tsotha-lanti

    I hope this one explores the hints that the first movie’s events all took place inside Sarah’s head.

  • Messiahman

    I’ll watch Natalie Mendoza in pretty much anything. So yeah, I’ll watch this.

  • Hunter1006

    or did you mean Part 2, as in the sequel to Craven’s?

  • Hunter1006

    Hey, I liked Hills Have Eyes 2!

  • Cash Bailey

    It almost seems like the first film was a riff on ALIEN, and this sequel sounds a hell of a lot like ALIENS.

    Whether it’s intentional or just a sign of no imagination remains to be seen.

  • PelusaMG

    I smell a Hills Have Eyes Part 2… and that’s a BAD smell!!!

  • Spaceshark

    Oh, cool, hopefully he can keep a tight leash on things.

  • Johnny Butane

    He says he is, yeah. Back in March he said he was looking at a recent script, and I’m sure he’ll at least executive produce or something…

  • Spaceshark

    Not even if they give away free cake?

  • Terminal

    Where there’s no Marshall, there will be no me watching.

    The sequel is unnecessary anyway.

  • Spaceshark

    Marshal is still overlooking the project in some capacity right? Because if not, I’ll be sad/sleepy 🙁

  • Chainsaw

    This could end in tears.

  • Sirand

    No Marshall, no sell.

  • Cash Bailey

    Oh dear. How conventional all this is sounding.