New Production Art for Rob Zombie’s 31

We’ve lost track of how many updates Rob Zombie has posted to the FanBacked initiative for his upcoming 31, but after he tweeted recently that some new production art is now available for the film, we headed over to RZ-31.com and brought back the images you’ll find below.

Just five days are left to contribute to the cause so if you’ve been contemplating it, the time to act is now!

31 is the story of five random people kidnapped during the five days leading up to Halloween and held hostage in a place called Murder World. While trapped inside this man-made Hell, they must fight to survive by playing the most violent game known to man… a game called 31.

Rob Zombie's 31

Rob Zombie's 31

Rob Zombie's 31

Rob Zombie's 31

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  • MonsterMash

    Most of this looks more like Rob Zombie fan notebook doodles than actual concept art…. Lets check our Zombie cinematography staples list…. Never missing an opportunity to show ass you can bet isn’t clean- check. Topless woman wearing a Halloween costume(who drew those tits?!)- check. grimy looking striped leggings on all of the above- check. Stuff that generally gives a funny vibe but played straight for scares and failing horribly- check. Lords is thoroughly entertaining in that sense….

  • Terminal

    Rob Zombie’s Battle Royale. Urg.

Debi Moore

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