Beware of Terror Project 6!

Terror Project 6!In the words of producer Michael Abbate, Terror Project 6 is a “French horror sitcom with zombies”. If that’s not enough to entice you to read on … then man I feel bad for you.

In actuality, “sitcom” is probably not the right word; in fact Terror Project 6 is an anthology consisting of 6 original short films, each from a new, emerging French talent. Xaiver Gens (Frontier(s)) and Fabrice du Welz (Calvaire) are being called the shows “godfathers”, which means they’re supporting the project and likely helped bring in its funding. The project’s in post production now and they’re hoping to screen it at festivals this summer.

Check out the plot breakdowns for all six films below, followed by a batch of both production and behind-the-scenes stills and three behind-the-scenes bits from Daily Motion & YouTube. How’s that for an overload of info?

You can learn more about Terror Project 6 at its official site, or make friends with them on MySpace.

  • “Lorie contre les Bactéries” – (aka “Lorie the Bacteria Slayer”)
    Written & Directed by François Simard (Bagman : Profession Meurtrier)
    Starring Lloyd Kaufman and Anouk Whissell (Bagman: Profession Meurtrier)

    A young French Canadian couple quarrels violently in their lounge while outside, a strange flu epidemic proliferates, which eat from the inside the patients. Comparable in gore content to Street Trash & Brain Dead

    Terror Project 6!

  • ”Spécialité du Chef” – (aka “Chef’s Specialty”)
    Directed by Grégory Sacré
    From a story by Côme Peguet.

    A man wakes up chained and hanged by the jaw in a cold room beside other mutilated bodies. He never imagines that he will be the element of a delicious Asian gourmet named “Chef’s Specialty.”

  • ”Corps vivants” – (aka “Dead Alive”)
    Directed & Written by Julio Mendez
    Starring Stéphanie H. Kohler and Catriona MacColl (City of the Living Dead, The Beyond)

    In the glimmer of some lampposts lighting a cemetery entry, a figure appears. It limps, approaches slowly. Except this strange person, the street is deserted. It’s a young lady… A living dead woman…

  • “The Dead Pussy”
    Written & Directed by Written by Fred Cambon

    Audrey and two of her friends flee of the city. Chaos reigns all around them as the living dead return to earth. The group of young ladies goes towards the forest. Armed hunters will try to help them … but the evil gets closer…

    Terror Project 6!

  • ”Elles” – (aka “Them”)
    From a story of Colin Vettier.

    In the near future, a sexually transmissible disease affects the human race. All the people are potential virus carriers, but only women develop it. Symptoms are visible and violent: physical degeneration, violent drive and anthropophagy. The French government is going to establish a state of emergency and to proceed to the progressive, systematic elimination of all women. XXX is a girl affected by this disease, aware of her condition, she try to survive in this collapsing society.

  • “Survivant(s)” – (aka “Survivor(s)”)
    Directed by Vincent Lecrocq.
    Written by Michael Abbate, Salem Kali & Vincent Lecrocq.
    Starring Alysson Paradis (Inside), Hélèna Soubeyrand (Taken with Liam Neeson), Salem Kali, Sarah-Laure Estragnat (Hell), Alaa Oumouzone (Traitor), Santi Sudaros (Danny The Dog)

    A strange virus brings the recently dead back to life. The epidemic has been checked, society has reconstructed itself and the last victims of the virus were parked in isolation and are used as new French massive weapon. 2014. The quite new extreme right government announces that it supports openly the organization of a real TV show in which a group of prisoners of foreign origins are used as guinea pigs to zombies. The one who survives will be exempt from any penalty and will become French.

  • Terror Project 6! Terror Project 6! Terror Project 6!

    Terror Project 6! Terror Project 6!

    Terror Project 6! Terror Project 6! Terror Project 6!

    Terror Project 6! Terror Project 6!

    Johnny Butane

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