Gamescom: So Much Sunset Overdrive

Gamescom: So Much Sunset OverdriveAfter dialling it down to show off some upcoming indie titles, Microsoft came back hard by showcasing their most anticipated exclusive, Sunset Overdrive, with a brand new eye-popping trailer.

Ted Price, CEO of Insomniac Games, took the stage to give players a new look into the “mutant apocalypse.” The new trailer tells the story of Floyd, former head scientist at Fizzco, who created the energy drink Overcharge, which turned anyone who drank it into human killing mutants.

On top of that, Fizzco has added murderous robots to the mix.

Floyd told gamers to “stay moving and stay shooting” as they took control of the “outrageous weapons,” a signature of Insomniac’s games, such as the teddy launcher, a gun that shoots dynamite-strapped teddy bears, allowing players to rain adorable death on all those who oppose them.

The presentation closed with the announcement of the Sunset Overdrive bundle. The bundle will come with the game, a white Xbox One console, and bonus in-game weapons. The pre-order for the Sunset Overdrive bundle begins right now. It will be available for purchase October 71st.

After the press conference Ted Price stopped by the Microsoft post show with even more Sunset Overdrive footage. The second look introduced players to one of the game’s many factions, the Samurai-inspired Troop Bushido man-boy scouts.

Troop Bushido is just one of the many factions to be featured in Sunset Overdrive. As the game was played, Price revealed that each faction is especially vulnerable to certain weapon types. The giant mutant featured in the demo had a particular weakness to fire.

The demo also featured a brief discussion of style points. Killing enemies while grinding or traversing will garner style points. Earning style points will grant the player access to amps, which allow for skill upgrades.

Sunset Overdrive

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