Which Movie Maniac Has the Highest Body Count? Find Out NOW!

Which Movie Maniac Has the Highest Body Count? Find out NOW!For years a battle has raged amongst horror fans over who is the biggest and baddest movie maniac. Jason Voorhees? Freddy Krueger? Pinhead? Now, thanks to a nifty new graph from Film.com, you can find out for yourselves, despite one glaring omission!

Check out the chart below, which sees everyone’s favorite mama’s boy come out with the most impressive number. Know what’s funny though? One movie maniac outshined all but one of those prestigious baddies on the graph when it comes to a kill count, AND he did it in just a single 77-minute movie.

I speak of course of Universal’s 1977 classic The Invisible Man. Admittedly, he’s not a conventional slasher, but when it comes to evil, he cannot be denied. You see, this under-appreciated loony, played by the wonderful Claude Rains as the title character also known as Dr. Jack Griffin, causes the death of 122 people (most of which come via train wreck) before he’s done with his reign of madness and terror!

That definitely should bump Myers out of second place, and he simply destroyed Freddy, who came in third. But then again, he was invisible after all. Maybe he’s on the chart… but we just can’t see it!

Click on the image below for a much larger look.

Which Movie Maniac Has the Highest Body Count? Find out NOW!

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