Producer Talks Priest, Dracula

Priest, Dracula: Year Zero status!With the shake up over at New Line, a lot of projects that were once a glimmer in the eyes of producer Mike DeLuca are in danger of being shelved. But that’s never stopped the man before.
Collider just posted a huge, incredibly informative interview with the former New Line President of Production, who gave some updates about a few films we’ve not heard about in a while. One of those is the adaptation of the Korean comic Priest, which he describes as ”kind of like a sci-fi horror film about a group of specially trained priests that hunt down vampires in kind of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Um … yes, please. So what’s going on with it?

”Screen Gems hopes it can be a franchise for them,” DeLuca told the site, ”so it is fast-tracked to the extent that we’d like to get a director on it sooner than later but it’s currently not out to anyone and we don’t have anybody on it.” In other words it could be months or years before something moves on it but when it does, I bet it’ll happen fast.

Another project you guys’ll care about is Dracula: Year Zero which he described as ”kind of an origin story for Prince Vlad of Transylvania and how he came to be a vampire and what were the circumstances surrounding his transition from ruler of this modest country to King of the Undead.” as well as ”an ingenious blend of “Braveheart” and a horror film.”

Alex (I, Robot) Proyas is still supposed to direct it once he finishes up the Nic Cage flick Knowing, something else we’ll likely have to forgive him for down the road. As much as I hate Dracula, this one sounds like it could have some promise, as long as they keep it dark and bloody.

He also mentions that he’s working on an adaptation of Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness, a very horrific religious novel about a born-again Christian who unearths a plot to take down the small town he calls home and, eventually, the entire world. A fine line to walk, but it could be cool if the right person gets behind it.

Be sure to set some time aside and check out the entire Mike DeLuca interview for more insight on his various projects, as well as over two decades in the Hollywood system.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Fireflyfan

    I’m looking forward to Dracula 0 if it ever happens, and the Priests hunting down supernatural evil sounds cool but kinda similar to Barker’s Jericho.