Madman Makes a Return?

Madman and Son!In case you missed last weekend’s Fear Fest 2, then you wouldn’t know anything about the possibility of there being a new Madman film. However, if you were like the fellows over at Icons of Fright, you would have learned something new.

While in attendance at the show, the IoF guys asked Madman Marz himself (Paul Ehlers) about an odd work of art he was displaying on his table. The small poster read, “Madman Marz: The Legend Lives,” and it was followed by the very teasing “COMING.” Does this mean that Madman Marz will be loose again? According to Mr. Ehlers, that’s a yes.

The script for the remake/sequel was written by Paul and his son Jonathan Ehlers. The project already has some locations set and even a production company on board, though no names were mentioned. No director was given either, but there is the possibility that the film may start rolling this year. Campers beware! Don’t say his name out loud!


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Mike Phalin

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  • doubleh55

    They already made a remake of Madman. It’s called Hatchett. It’s not but I think the creature design for Victor Crawly owes a debt to Madman Marz.

    Which, btw, Madman was a fun surprise filled with cheesy, yet brilliant songs and death.

  • frank_dracman

    The movie was average for the time, but the Madman song is just AWESOME! Beware of Madman Marz! Sing it baby, you know you want to.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Lore of the campfire telling of his horror
      Lost in the woods with the madman and the stars
      Don’t laugh at the tale
      Heed if you call him
      The legend lives beware the Madman Marz
      THE LEGEND LIVES Beware the Madman Marz

  • Terminal

    I hated Madman, so I’ll likely pass on this one.